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6 Tips to Buy The Perfect Bathroom Mirror


Home decor is a broad concept which isn’t just limited to a splendid looking living room. There are so many other aspects of it that lie in the smaller details. Take for instance your bathroom. We all want a bathroom that mirrors those lavish ones we see in hotel rooms. These days it’s all about aesthetics. For this purpose and more, you need your bathroom to look like something you’d actually enjoy visiting even in the middle of the night. One of the most important things in the bathroom is the mirror. Can’t find the perfect one to fit your style and accomodation? Here’s a few tips how you can get the best bathroom mirror.

  1. Think Of What Appeals To You

Ask yourself a few questions while choosing the decor of your bathroom. What is your style? What looks good when looked at? Let’s face it. We do spend a good amount of time in front of the mirror, so why not get something we would enjoy looking at? There are several options available. You can pick what appeals to you the most from reliable sources. Brands and companies that make mirrors and offer cheap glass replacement are not rare. So finding the right place to buy your bathroom mirror is not difficult at all!

  1. What’s Your Size?

Getting an oversized or undersized mirror is a no-no. Check out the edges, the measurements and the area that you want to put the mirror in thoroughly. It is important not to go out looking for a mirror without having inspected the place in which you wish to install it. If you’re replacing your old mirror with a new one, consider how much bigger or smaller you wish to go. Nothing hurts more than getting a mirror that doesn’t fit your walls and makes the entire decor look bad. Be wise!

  1. Find Your Design

Choices are endless, even in mirrors. You’d think since it’s a mirror, they all look the same. But think again. There’s details in the design. Engraved crystals, painted edges, vintage or contemporary frames and what not. What fits or blends into the design of your bathroom is important. If you’re going for a particular theme in your home or bathroom, get the design that will not look different in case you do want the mirror to stand out.

  1. One, Two Or Three

How big is your bathroom? How many mirrors will you need? There’s a lot to consider. If you want a small one above the sink and a floor length one on the dressing area, or just an entire wall full of one mirror or two; you do have a bunch of options to choose from. Depending on your needs and design, you can pick the number of mirrors you want also considering the size of them.

  1. Your Type

Nobody else is going to use the mirror as much as you and the people you live with. So it matters what your type is. If you want a framed mirror or one without a frame, that’s an important question. You may want to install lights around the mirror or on the sides, perhaps one right above. The possibilities are quite a few. Asking yourself what you really need and taking the opinions of people living with you may help you out in choosing a mirror. You can also consult your interior designer to recommend something!

  1. Shape It Right

Round, square, rectangle, oval? There’s so many shapes and sizes to pick. Again it all boils down to what appeals to your eyes and what you think will make your bathroom look good and serve your purpose at the same time. Shapes are many and so are your choices. Get the right fit to make your bathroom look perfect.

See, finding the right mirror isn’t that hard after all. Like everything else in the world, if you know what you want, things get ten times easier to handle. Pick the perfect mirror for your bathroom with these handy tips and get the most out of your bathroom decor itself. There’s much room to explore when it comes to mirrors, so make sure you get the kind that appeals to your eyes and your bathroom.

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