Increase Your Home’s Value by Adding Rustic Charm with Epoxy


When it comes to flooring, nothing really beats the rustic charm of some nice, traditional looking hardwood floors. They aren’t all great though. Although they look great, they come with their fair share of problems too! The most common one, is the fact that traditional hardwood floors are a pain to maintain! They tend to be very sensitive and if you don’t take care of them exactly how they need to be cared for, you’re in for some very damaged, ugly looking flooring, which is the opposite of what everyone wants!

This seems like a very “unfixable” problem, but that’s not the case! You can actually still get the look of traditional hardwood flooring, without worrying about spending all of your time taking care of it! How is that possible you might ask? With Rustic Wood Flooring!

Is Rustic Wood Flooring the same as regular wood flooring?

Although the name has “Wood Flooring” in it, the flooring doesn’t actually use any wood in it whatsoever! Instead, the entire piece of “wood” is made with concrete! Concrete is prepared and then slabs of it are stamped to mimic the look of wood. Then, the slab is painted and stained to add to the overall effect and it’s finished using epoxy floor coating to add to the durability. Once the floor is installed entirely, it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference by looking at it! That makes it perfect for people that really want the wooden look, but without all the “cons” that come with it!

What makes rustic wood flooring better than regular wood flooring?

Apart from the fact that with rustic wood flooring, you don’t have to walk on eggshells taking care of the flooring at every step, there are a lot of other reasons why it may be better to have rustic wood flooring installed in your home as opposed to regular wood flooring! The main one is that it’s incredibly easy to maintain. It’s a type of flooring that’s very heat resistant (up to 150 degrees Celsius), most cleaning chemicals won’t damage the finish, and it can be cleaned using a simple mop or vacuum. If you want to learn more about the benefits of rustic wood flooring, visit for insightful tips.

Another great thing about rustic wooden flooring is that you can use it wherever you want! Indoors and outdoors! This means that if you have a California room, or simply want the look of nice, clean wooden floors on your deck, you can easily have this flooring installed and still not worry about any sun or water damage ruining the look overtime! Since it isn’t real wood, it also won’t expand or splinter unexpectedly. Once you have the floors installed, they’re there to stay!

Since the flooring isn’t natural wood, you also don’t have to worry about termites! Termites can ruin the entire floor fairly quickly, and reinstalling the section that’s damaged may also lead to uneven looking flooring. So you might end up needing to replace the entire floor!

Speaking of installing the flooring, installing wooden flooring takes a long time, and is a meticulous process where everything has to go right. Spanning the floor installation over a week or so is pretty standard when it comes to regular floors, and that’s just too long a wait for times like now! Rustic wooden floors are already shaped and finished with epoxy, all that’s needed is the floors to be installed, which barely takes a day or two!

Finally, one of the best things about going for alternatives of wooden flooring, is that no trees are harmed in the process of you getting the flooring of your dreams! This advantage, paired with all the others we’ve mentioned above, means that you can add that rustic charm with epoxy, and still have the traditional look you’re after!

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