The Elegant Old World


Georgian & Victorian styles

There are drawer knobs as well as the handles are referred to as their speciality by the manufacturers and sellers within Australia. These firms would be discovered to have specialized pertaining to the antique door knobs inclusive of the Georgian and Victorian styles. These knobs would be observed to be playing dominant role in connection with finishing touches regarding majority of the restoration projects.

Old knobs at greater heights

The interior mortise drawer knob would normally be witnessed in the olden days’ houses and thus they offer the traditional style. It has been said that the antique drawer knobs are generally found to have been installed at heights, the reason could be that the room was intended to appear cosier and further it could be the optical trick for bringing the ceiling height downwards.

Pressed glass and cut glass categories

The pressed glass category of knob was popular in the early 19th century, whereas the cut glass category of knob was popular in the early portion of the 20th century. In 1846, the knobs of cast metal were launched and they remained in the market till the start of 20th century. The main body pertaining to the antique drawer knobs were manufactured using steel as well as iron. But to introduce the element of beauty in them thin layer prepared from bronze or the brass was employed.

Specific knob for specific plate

It has been recommended by the Australian manufacturer in general that the client could achieve completion for their projects regarding renovation through the employment of the reproduced antique category of the door knob. In order to discover if the specific drawer knob could be in the position to operate with a specific door plate, the measurement on the diameter of the knob shank be carried out.

Fluted crystal & octagonal crystal

Now lets us concentrate on the varied antique drawer knob currently on the market: pair composed of lead free as well as fluted crystal category of knob; a pair again lead free referred to as octagonal crystal door knobs with solid base of brass; colonial category of antique drawer knobs associated with cast brass that is without protective coating; the round brass category equipped with 4 classic finishes.

Bennington style

Continuing, drawer knob of porcelain along with iron shanks of black colour; egg& dart category of design associated with solid metallic brass; streamline deco sort of knobs; on top of the Bennington style. The antique door knobs could be construed to be having intricate designs and would be found to be highly captivating in terms of finishes.

Old world energy at show

The dedicated companies do recommend that the customer could acquire the position of effortlessly acquiring their desired style through the antique door knobs as well the traditional ones. Whether the antique drawer knobs have been manufactured from stamped metal, the painted porcelain or from the cut crystal, the knobs do imbue the specific sense regarding the olden-world energy into a certain home or the commercial organization that they would be found in.

Farmhouse restoration

There are multiple categories of Australian who would be found interested at buying the antique drawer knobs, since these knobs could be adjusted into the modern day settings as well. Thus, in case the client would be focused upon restoring their farmhouse or finding themselves at struggling to acquire learning somewhat in increased amount concerning the ground-parents.

Drawer knob evolution

Then they could be taking the look regarding the way the old categories pertaining to the drawer knobs have gone through evolution over time period, and where the customer could be looking to buy the one today. While the general category of Australians may be familiar with respect to the appearance pertaining to the old style drawer knobs, or the antique door knobs, there could be some people who may not be in the position to carry out picking up the earliest instances of these knobs.

Knob characteristics

Therefore, it has been comprehended to be important to have look for the few varied characteristics of the antique drawer knobs while the customer is engaged at making effort at assessing the potential sort of antique knob with respect to its origin in addition to its value.

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