Top Reasons to Buy Used Over New Pickups


Owning a truck is a necessity for many professionals from construction to farming. However, many people also simply love having the convenience of a truck bed to haul items and they look awesome. Here are some reasons to consider buying a used truck over a new one.

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Sure, it may need more work initially, but these durable trucks can withstand the work you have planned for them. Many newer models use plastic parts or have bodies with more aluminum than more durable steel. Look for used pickup truck bodies for sale to find the right parts for your new-to-you truck.


Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars on a new truck that depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot, consider the cheaper prices of older models. In fact, the vehicle depreciates as much as 10% within the first year if not more. Let someone else pay the depreciation. You can buy a high-quality used truck for less money, just be thorough in your research to find the right deal.


Older trucks have a different design than those seen today. You can stand out from your buddies with an older model. Since its older, you won’t worry as much if it has a few scratches and dings. These add character to the truck often missing from the latest models. Many new models look so similar that it is hard to stand out. Older models though make a bigger statement.


Older pickups may not have the latest technology but buying one only a few years old gets you many of the benefits of buying used without the cost. Trucks made within the last five to ten years have navigation, ac seats, automatic windows, auto door locks and enhanced surround sound. You can have many modern luxuries without the hefty price tag and with better durability.

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