Things to know about New 2021 Volkswagen Arteon


Well, there are some changes made to the 2021 Volkswagen Arteon, while some prospects remain the same of this car. The changes implemented have made this vehicle more enhanced in every aspect and is the reason one should know about every detail before purchasing it when in Seaside Volkswagen dealership

First, you can go through the changes made to the 2021 model and then learn about its engine, performance, design, and more. So, take a look below!

Changes implemented for 2021 Arteon 

Fresh exterior and numerous interior upgrades have given the 2021 Volkswagen Arteon a new look that everyone appreciates. Certain changes which are implemented include wheel designs are changed, the front bumper is newly designed, the new logo of Volkswagen is adapted, and also other differentiation is created for R-Line variants. Standard paint job involves metallic red paint whereas the R-Line comes in Lapiz Blue and Oryx White. 

Moreover, the interior has seen various upgrades too such as better materials are used for redesigning the interior portion that solves all complaints which some might have for the earlier versions of Arteon. 

Some interior changes consist of a distinctive and thicker steering wheel along with interior lighting that is adjustable. Climate controls are made touch-sensitive, air vents are more intricately designed for better airflow, etc. In addition, the gauge cluster for all models has been changed to a digital format. Moreover, the upgraded infotainment version of Volkswagen is also equipped in the 2021 model that consists of wireless smartphone integration. 

2021 Arteon’s engine performance 

Another aspect, which every individual should know about the 2021 Arteon before talking to a Volkswagen dealer Salinas is the engine provided in this vehicle. 4-cylinder turbocharge 2.0L engine is placed under its hood along with automatic 8-speed for smooth gear changes whenever needed. Also, most trims are available in AWD or FWD option part from SEL Premium as it only with AWD. In addition, different wheel size is offered depending on the version one buys. 

Efficiency, acceleration, smooth ride quality, etc. is how one can best describe the powertrain of this vehicle. Comfortable ride is offered especially due to its new suspension dampers that are made standard for all models. Competent handling of this vehicle is now being compared to the Golf GTI, which is one of the best vehicles in the world. 

How much to pay for one? 

Well, Arteon 2021 version comes in just 3 trims SE ($38,200), SEL R-Line ($42,800), and SEL R-Line Premium ($48,200). If you can opt for the Premium model or at least go for the R-Line variant. The SE trim is undoubtedly an excellent vehicle but if you are looking for the ultimate comfort, ride quality, and other features, you should opt for the R-Line or R-Line Premium from the dealers. To find out more about the reasons the VW Arteon was discontinued, visit this website:

These are some of the things which you should know about 2021 Volkswagen Arteon if you are planning to buy a sedan. It is one of the best automobile in this category and you should at least test ride it once before even considering anything else.  For further details about automobiles, visit this dedicated website:

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