New to Car Ownership? Basic Vehicle Servicing Advice


If you have recently passed your driving test, you are to be congratulated, and as you reach this milestone in your life, you will soon become a car owner, which does involve a level of responsibility. Here is some basic information about vehicle servicing that should help you with vehicle maintenance.

Table of Contents

The Engine

The heart of any car, the engine is the power source, and in order for it to perform as it should, there are certain things that require regular attention.

  • Replacing the engine oil – This should be done every 5-8,000 miles and the right grade of oil should be used (details will be in the owner’s manual), and at the same time, the oil filter should also be replaced. If your vehicle ever breaks down, there is affordable car repairs in Hamilton from an established garage.
  • Engine Coolant – The water in the radiator should always be at the correct level, and in the UK, you also need to add some anti-freeze, to prevent the water from freezing in sub-zero conditions.
  • Check Belts for Correct Tension – There are several drive belts that must be checked for correct tension and wear and tear. Cam timing belts are common on modern cars, and there are belts to drive the water pump and the alternator, all of which need to be inspected at regular intervals.

For a more detailed description of the aspects a service involves, the rear section of the owner’s manual contains all the information you need to know.

Other aspects to check are the tyres, the steering, and, of course, the brakes, which are essential, and by following the servicing instruction in the owner’s manual, nothing will be overlooked.

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