Mandatory Signs to be Used in Commercial Establishments


Mandatory signs featuring white pictograms on a blue backdrop are invaluable for any work environment. The signage that covers a variety of situations, ranging from escape routes, security, no access and general information play a pivotal role in safeguarding and protecting people within the premises.

If you notice carefully, every store or commercial establishment has certain commonalities. To enhance the experience of employees, clients, and customers, signs that prescribe specific behaviour are displayed at appropriate places in the establishment. These easy to understand signs that come in various styles and sizes are great tools to help reinforce rules or convey messages.

The purpose is to ensure people in the workplace understand the procedures and comply with them. Mandatory signs are designed essentially to restrict access, provide directions, create awareness, sound an alert on potential hazards, or indicate action needed in an emergency situation. Let’s take a look at some of these signs used in commercial establishments.

Safety Clothing Symbol:

This signage focuses on promoting safe work procedures and good health.  Available in an array of sizes and materials like aluminium, plastic, self-adhesive or polycarbonate, the sign is posted at prominently visible places. The protective clothing helps deter health problems and dangerous situations when accessing hazardous areas. It is an important sign for precaution and protection.

Keep Locked Symbol Sign:

This is another essential part of the Mandatory signs range. The pictorial version indicates a risky area and instructs people/ employees to make sure the door is fastened and bolted for safety and security reasons. The signage can be procured in several material and size options.

Carry Dog Symbol Escalator Sign:

This sign on the escalators instructs people to follow the safety rule when accompanied by a dog. It is imperative to carry the pet when using the escalators, to prevent injuries and abrasions to the animal’s footpads. Also, incidents like the leash getting stuck in the escalator can occur.

Hold Hand Rail Escalator Sign:

This signage highlights precautions that can foster safety and efficiency when riding an escalator. People are encouraged to stand facing forward and hold on to the handrail firmly. This not only helps maintain balance but also averts the odds of slipping on the moving system.

Fire Door Keep Shut Sign:

There is an extensive range of fire safety signage used in commercial working environments. These clear and concise notices are vital for any workplace and aimed to meet safety regulations in the event of a fire in the building.  The signpost of ‘fire door keep shut’ is part of the fire prevention campaign and clearly points towards the fire doors, be it exits, extinguishers, evacuation, etc. on the property.

Mandatory signs are crucial to ensure the safety of people in the commercial work environment. They not only indicate a responsible attitude but also make known that you as the owner care for the well-being of your staff and customer base. So go ahead and select signs that are perfect for your business and position them at places where they will be seen, read and understood by the onlookers.


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