Top 5 Must Go Places for Foodies in Mumbai this summer


Apart from being the city that never sleeps, Mumbai is one such place that is on the wish list of every food lover. With a vast diversity of people, culture, and religion in this city, you are sure to witness a variety of food items as well.

Mumbai is not just any other city, but it’s everything perfection can look like. And, of course, who wouldn’t want to let go of the chance of visiting this dream city. Be it because of the enchanting beaches or the love for celebrities, Mumbai attracts every single person towards it.

And, if you are a food explorer, what would be better than having a round of this alluring city? So, if this dream city is your destination for this summer vacation, here are top 5 must go places in Mumbai that you cannot afford to miss. Scroll down and stay hooked.

Indigo Delicatessen:

When you are contemplating to experiment with your food and only want the best results, Indigo Delicatessen comes out to be a perfect spot. Here, you can relish their acknowledged American style food and can enjoy relaxed and natural vibes in a quiescence atmosphere. The menu of this restaurant features something for everyone.


Situated on the tip of the peninsula in Mumbai, Colaba is one of the bustling areas of this city. Apart from its market and architecture, this place is famous for its numerous restaurants. Right from Food Inn to Ling’s Pavilion, different restaurants offer different types of food. Be it Chinese or Indian; you are sure to find anything and everything here.

Sofitel, BKC:

Despite being new in the food domain, the location homes some of the most sophisticated restaurants. Right from a glass of drink in a bar to tempting vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes available at Jyran, there is a lot that you can explore. Thus, this should be definitely on your list of must go places in Mumbai.


Bandra is located in the western suburbs of Mumbai. Throughout the years, Bandra has transpired as one of the prominent locations in the city. Talking about restaurants, this place has to offer some of the fabulous eateries. Be it Salt Water Café or Hakkasan Mumbai; many places offer a distinct variety of food. Therefore, for food aficionado, Bandra is a must visit.

Naaz Hotel, Kurla:

If your inclination keeps on roaming from classy restaurant to something old, this restaurant is especially for you. The thing that is most preferred here is their Mughlai meal. Apart from that, you can even taste kebabs and biryanis here as well. Also, don’t forget to eat Indian dessert here. Not just this one, but various other restaurants here are worth exploring.

Mumbai is a humongous city, and there are various other places to visit in this town as well. However, these are some of the places in Mumbai that you must just not miss. So, pack your bags and enjoy every moment of this trip.

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