The Winning Stroke In Football Bets!


There is no 100% guaranteed success strategy in betting be it football betting or anything else. Having said that, they mean, you have to understand the logic of a success here first. To our observation, how to win football bets is similar to the theory of probability where the outcome is predicted with a caveat.

To illustrate it further, let’s presume that one sultry afternoon, you see black cloud formation in the south-east direction. This is usually a sign of a downpour. But, a gust of cold wind starts blowing after sometime. It palpably indicates that there will be no immediate rain. Likewise, despite all favourable reasons of winning a game by your favourite team, the team might lose it. This may be caused by internal as well as external factors such as the sudden injury to the players, lack of motivation and coordination between players, or a rain during the match, for instance.

In other words, your chances of winning the football bets will largely depend on your ability to analyse a situation over and above the eminent factors in favour of a team in a particular match. Interestingly, applying the 5Ps of marketing, you can have a fair prediction on the winning team.


Here, the product is the football team on which you are planning to put a bet. Therefore, your responsibility will be to know the team in detail in terms of its past performance over the last six months or so and the players in the team along with their physical fitness and current form. Once you have all these information in hand, you can judge how to win football bets better.


Having said price, we mean that you should know the average market price of each player or at least the prominent players present in the team for a match. In other words, you should try to know beforehand the players’ annual contract value. A knowledge like this will give you a fair idea of a team’s strength. After all, no club will waste money behind non-performers.


A prior knowledge about the place of the match to be played and whether the players of your favourite team are accustomed to the weather condition or not will also matter here. For instance, some great tennis players fail to make a mark on the Wimbledon court which is a grass court.


Know how your favourite team is marketing. Having said that, they mean, what the team is trying to promote in the current season. For instance, so and so players have been brought from so and so European clubs. A knowledge like this will help you do a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis of a team.


Here, people would mean the team manager, trainer, coach, and the current management of the team’s club. A fair knowledge of them will help you make the betting right.

Winning a football bet requires a lot of analytical ability and practice. However, you too can predict a win here applying your practical knowledge and precision on how to win football bets. It’s a learnt behaviour for sure.

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