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Smartphone Technologies for UAE Users to Buy in 2020

A smartphone is a modern gadget present in the hands of everyone. Today, there is no concept of communication and work without having a Smartphone. The demand and use of modern cell phones have increased amid Covid-19 pandemic when everyone is working from home. Users who want to purchase a new phone should remember Noon coupon code for mobile. Coupon.ae tells how to purchase quality phones ataffordable prices. Here are topSmart Phones for the users in 2020. 

Motorola One Action

For people in UAE, this is a trusted brand. Comparing the budget cell phones is no longer needed once you find this brand. It offers the leading features and functions. Motorola One Action is available in several colors such as Teal, Aqua, Denim Blue and Pearly White. Aluminum frame makes it attractive and adorable. On the other hand, it has Exynos Processor and 4GB RAM. Buying Motorola One Action is best if you are looking for the budget phones in 2020. 

Nokia 7.2

The phone comes with a message ‘The Father Is Back.’ Nokia has launched several other Smartphone models after a long time. The Nokia 7.2 is a remake of Nokia 7.1. Both phones are successful due to the durable features and structures. This is best for internet users. It has OLED, 20 MP camera for selfie and powerful processor. The device is best for all age groups. 

XiaomiMi 10 Pro

This is a popular Chinese brand. It is going to capture the digital markets with the help of considerable technologies. It is just like a Mini-Tablet because of its large 6.57 inches OLED display. It has 512 GM storage with 108 MP camera. Dual camera setting is an interesting feature of this Smartphone. 

Google Pixel 3-A

It has a headphone jack. It has a longstanding battery with quick recharge facility. It is best for photography because of the dual camera arrangement. The device is available with significant discounts. Just apply Noon coupon code for mobilefor it. How to find this coupon? All you have to consider is the latest posts onCoupon.ae to discover the best discounts and coupons on various types of electronics such as Smart Phones. 

Oppo Reno 3 and Pro

These are two models by the Oppo. This popular smart phone offers Gorilla Glass screen. It has excellent large display 6.5 inches and 8 GB RAM. This makes the phone ideal for the users. Oppo Reno 3 is favorable for the teens who love photography, and social media chats. On the other hand, the Oppo Reno 3 Pro is favorable for the businessmen and professional people who always want to stay connected with corporate groups. 

Samsung Galaxy Series

Samsung is a reliable brand in this field. It has offered several popular series such as Galaxy 9 and 10. These models are equipped with modern features including large OLED display, powerful processor, large storage, powerful battery and more. These models are best forfrequent internet users. Consider these picks when looking for the top Smartphone technologies in 2020.

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