Different Types of Indoor Bike Trainers and which is the Best Type


Bike trainers are type of equipments that are usually attached to the bicycle and let the user ride in a stationary position. This means that you need to have an existing bike to be able to use the trainers. Most biking enthusiasts not only get this type of equipment simply because of its availability regardless the weather outdoors, it is also best to keep their body strong and healthy as it is a good form of workout as well.

With different types of indoor bike trainers, some may not have a full understanding on what really separates one from the others. In this bike trainer review, we will be looking at the different types of indoor bike trainers and what good each one of them can offer.

Two Major Types of Indoor Bike Trainer

Basically, there are a lot of choices and kinds to choose from when it comes to trainers. However, based on their mechanism or how they are designed, we can say that there are only two categories for them, the Roller Bike Trainers and the Mechanical Resistance Bike Trainers.

Roller Bike Trainers

As compared to the other type of trainers, this particular category is a lot more different. It has three cylinders where in the rider has to balance on top of it. The roller type is also one of the oldest but also the cheapest in the market. However, its simplicity actually promotes even better biking experience as the user would have to balance all the time as if riding a traditional bike outdoors.

Best indoor bike rollers trainers doesn’t offer much resistance, the only way to do so would be shifting your gears, while some models creates smaller drums which could also provide resistance. It would take some time to master how to ride a roller bike trainer; this is why it is always advisable to place it between two walls or any surface that you can hold on to until you can balance it out. But one of the best things that it can give the user would be the realistic feeling of riding your own bike on the road.

Mechanical Resistance Bike Trainers

To be able to give its users the ability to experience resistance with different levels, a mechanical resistance type of bike trainer was designed. It actually has 3 categories that would determine what type of mechanism is present for each kind; these are Wind, Magnetic and Fluid. Each one has their own features that match every bikers needs. And to check on what it can offer and possibly the best bike trainer among the three, let’s look at each one of them.

  • Wind Type Trainer – a fan is attached at the back wheel that rotates and produces wind as you pedal harder. This is how resistance is formed since the faster you pedal so does the resistance it can provide. This type is also the least expensive among other types of mechanical resistance trainers while it is also the one that produces noise the most while in operation.
  • Magnetic Type Trainer – the magnetic flywheel at the back of this equipment is the one responsible for its resistance. It can be adjusted manually while some other brands offer a remote option so that you don’t have to dismount the bike in order to increase the resistance. Magnetic indoor bike trainers also emits less noise compared to wind type but slightly more expensive. On the other hand, settings on this trainer can be made to replicate to that of climbing a hill to get more resistance similar to it.
  • Fluid Type Trainer – this trainer is somehow similar to a magnetic type since it also features a magnetic flywheel but also creates friction with its liquid resistance chambers which then determines the intensity of the ride. This type also offers the least amount of noise; it’s very quiet actually and is the type that mimics outdoor bikes the most. The only disadvantage would be its tendency to overheat after a long period of time.

Which is the best type?

The best bike trainer could be any of these trainers mentioned above that can deliver to your expectations and needs. One may say that the more expensive the bike trainer, the better performance you will get. However, while there might be some other added features, it is not always the case.

Some of the most advanced indoor bike trainers such as fluid type or magnetic types may be recommended for those who needs extensive training and has been doing it for quite some time already. Those who wish to have a regular workout with their bike indoors can definitely settle for wind trainer type. On the other hand, some may want to improve on their skills, proper handling or balancing when riding a bike, if so, a roller trainer type could be the best way to start with.

Indoor bike trainers definitely have a lot of benefits when it comes to training and health wise. Professional bikers who usually compete can absolutely get a lot of advantages particularly if the weather is not so friendly at times. With so many brands to choose from, you can also look out for some bike trainer reviews that can help you decide the best type for your needs.

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