Dance Performing Techniques in Dubai


Dubai a city in the UAE is not just famous for being an apt tourist destination because of the tall skyscrapers and other aspects. It is known for its deep empathy for its culture and traditional values. The dance forms in Dubai are the right mix of tradition and modernity. While the dresses speak a lot about their ethnicity the dance style and movements are creatively satiating and very carefree thus reflecting modernity. Generally the dance forms are very creative and are performed in special occasions only. The dances performed also need to portray the right mix of feelings and emotions all expressed in just a particular stance. The expressions should suit the body posture and body movements and be properly aligned. These types of dances are most commonly performed in important social events. The khaleegi dance form that is most famously known in Dubai originated in the Persian Gulf, The Arabic    Peninsula among others. This dance form originated from the word, “Gulf” because it originated in the Persian Gulf. Thus the dances have a certain Persian flavors to it that creates a royal and mystical feel. Also, the Dubai dances are very creative and require excellent sense of timing and proper alignment of the face so that it appears graceful to the audience. Dance lessons in Dubai creates another form of perfection mixed with class and perfect poise.

Dubai dance forms are of several types. The “belly dance” is formerly a very known form of dance in the UAE. Dance lessons in Dubai helps one learn a lot about the dance forms. The khaleegi dance form itself is mixed with the belly dance to create the perfect ambience for the watchers. It is a lively expression of a delicate form of dance that is performed generally in happy social events like weddings. The dance forms needs women to sway their body in a rhythmical way in perfect poise and grace. The women need to move their hands and head and the thobe to create the vision of undulating sea waves that looks immensely appealing. They need to move as if they are sea creatures very gracefully and carefully regarding the timing. Women also need to sway their heads and hairs moving it from side to side and back to forth then again repeating the previous move. Saudi Arabic tune ultimately uplifts the mood and makes the perfect ambience for the performance of such dance forms. To perform dance in Dubai posture is very important and also clothing as they are very rigid about the appearance that creates the final look and composure. So the dance in Dubai is not just about the perfect movements but also the costumes and the entire attire that should be in tune with the ultimate performance. The dance forms also need perfect expressions, the right set of costumes that is, a two piece dress comprising of a long tunic dress and a shift dress in the bottom in right color choices to create the most amazing feel for the audience.

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