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A Guide to The Hottest Trends for Summer 2017

With summer soon approaching, the need for new clothes and new styles is fast approaching. Everyone wants to be on fleek and summer ready, and there’s no better way to start that out by upgrading your wardrobe and hairdo. With a few pieces of the latest trends and a statement hairstyle that will make people stop in their tracks, you can be the next gorgeous thing that everyone is dying to be. This Summer, runways all across the world are seeing some blast from the past, with many eighties inspired looks making the scene. If that sounds like a bit much for you, fear not, because we are here to help you get that oh-so-amazing summer look without busting a sweat, starting off with your wardrobe.

Getting Together That Summer Ready Wardrobe

If you plan to spend your summers in some place that is relatively warm, then we have got you covered. This season, everything is about that complete look and aesthetic, which is what you can get going for you too. Mixing and matching your wardrobe is one of the best ways to ensure that you always have a flawless look going for you

Stripe it Up

Stripes are making its way back this summer. Be it in the form of pants, dresses or even swimsuits; stripes are the way to go. Just remember to select a stripe direction that is flattering for your body type (vertical to look taller, horizontal to look broader, and of course, diagonal to look fun!) We didn’t forget those who actually can’t vacation the entire summer, as stripes are brilliant even in terms of formal and work wear. They make great outfit pairings with blazers and formal pants and are sure to make all your coworkers jealous of your incredible closet.

Khak It Out

Khakis are also making their waves this season, with a lot of designers bringing forth this loved material back in almost every form that one can think of. Khakis are also great because the material that is used is extremely breathable. Loose Khakis can help you keep cool this summer, which is the perfect trend to spice up your wardrobe.

And It Was All Yellow

Now hold on for a second. It’s true that a lot of you may shy away from sporting this bright color, but many hues can complement different skin tones perfectly. Yellow has always been one of the most prominent colors that speak out summer, and having a few pieces of yellow in your wardrobe can surely brighten up your day!

I See (Through) You

See through dresses are probably one of the most gorgeous and one of a kind trends we saw this season. The see-through pattern is brilliant in the form of maxi dresses, and are extremely versatile. Pair it up with a pair of short and a tank top for a casual day look, or wear it over your swimsuit for a bright beach look. Pair it up with a pair of high rise white sneakers, and you will already seem like an Instagram model. For those who are more on the daring side and want to take this trend to a whole new level, see through tops are also a good option for you. Pair it up with a pair of beautiful pasties, and you are ready to go! For those visiting music festivals, this summer, this is the look to copy!

Giving Em’ The Cold Shoulder

Shoulders are in this summer, and they are sexier than ever. The one shoulder and off shoulder trend is making huge ways this season, which is why it has to make our list. It is also one of the most feminine of trends this season, and comes in a bunch of pieces, like dresses and blouses. Almost every fashion store and designer is coming out with their own off shoulder clothing, and it is one of the most loved fashion trends this season.

Let’s Get to The Hair Talk

A good hairdo can make or break your entire look. This season, hair trends are all about being free spirited and low maintenance. This summer, ditch the hair gel and make leave in conditioner your best friend to embrace the free summer hair styles.

Color Me Up

Boring basics are out; bright colors are in. It’s no secret how much celebrities are jumping on the bright color band wagon, with some big icons changing up their look with these colors. Pastels are one of the most common trends making their way this summer, because after all, who doesn’t want to look like a beautiful mermaid. Cool colors like blues and greens are an excellent way to beat the summer heat. If you dare, go for a mix of both to have an otherworldly head of hair. If pastels aren’t your thing, platinum is another color that is far less distracting but also gives you the extra oomph you need to be summer ready.

With A Head Held High

The high pony is also one of the things making its way this season. Wearing your hair up high is also a good way to stay cool this summer while looking gorgeous. This hairdo is also so easy to do and is low maintenance, so you won’t have to worry about it getting messed up in your summer fun.

Sleek Is In

Super straight sleek hair is also something that a lot of celebrities have been donning these past few months. Draw out a middle parting, and you are on your way to looking like some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. However, this look can only be achieved perfectly if your hair looks shiny and healthy, otherwise, it may end up frizzing up and not giving you the hair you want. Be sure to keep your hair nourished this summer and invest in good hair products to amplify your look. For those who don’t want to straighten their hair and achieve a similar look, a middle parted wavy hairdo is also something that is in right now.

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