Why Should I Choose Eco-Friendly Curtains and Drapes


A good window treatment can help transform your room from bland to divine. The curtains and drapes save energy and keep an indoor environment comfortable, and even make it healthier. In this post you will find how green today’s curtains and windows shutters can be.

Tips for choosing the right curtains and drapes:
Go for quality

When you are in a hurry, you may get overwhelmed with a huge collection and choose low-quality curtains or window covering. Make sure that you only purchase high-quality drapes and windows shutter that last long. You can visit several shops and malls to find the most suitable windows coverings within your budget. Window coverings that last over time are less likely to end up in the trash.

Keep heat out

To keep your room cool in summer and protect your windows, make sure you keep the windows closed. Furthermore, paint the windows with light colour as it helps reflect the sun’s heat back outside. You can also find custom-made windows, designed in such a way that it allows some daylight to enter while blocking the direct sun rays. You can also choose modern curtains and drapes, which blocks direct sunlight entering into your room and keep an environment ideal to live.

Keep heat in

When the winter comes, insulated window covering is the best option with which you can keep your home environment warm. The curtains and drapes connected with the wide insulating material will give good results so long as it fits tightly within or around the window jambs, hence air does not stream around it. Today curtains with double or triple layers are also available in the market, which effectively keep your home warmer.

Materials of the curtains

It’s very important to look at the material while choosing curtains or drapes as different materials have different environmental impacts. If you would like to stay away from petrochemical-based synthetics like acrylic, polyester or vinyl, you still have plenty of options, such as linen, cotton, silk, wool and hemp. It’s also a good option to buy organic fabric and get the curtains sewed by a professional. Other natural fabric options are paper, bamboo reeds, and other grasses, and wooden shutters and blinds. PVC window treatments are not good choice as it creates several environmental and health problems.

Used curtains and drapes

Getting used curtains and drapes is the cost-effective way. Look for used curtains, blinds, shutters and curtain rods in thrift stores and salvage yards, but stay away from older vinyl blinds. Besides, it’s a good way to save your environment.

When you go to buy curtains and drapes, always prefer to visit a shop that specializes in green products for the home. The energy-efficient windows will help you minimize your cooling and heating costs. You can find the most suitable and environmentally friendly curtains and drapes, but in the end it’s your behaviour that matters a lot.

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