Why is Koogeek Weight Scale the best?


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Have you ever had the need to weight yourself? It does not matter if you want to do it over curiosity, over being healthy, or because you are about to start working out and want to see results.

Going somewhere to weight yourself can be and feel weird, but you do not have to do that anymore. All you have to do is get one Koogeek Digital Weight Scale and place it anywhere in your home.

The Koogeek Digital Weight Scale is compatible with every iOS 8.0 and Android 4.3 or higher devices. Also, it automatically syncs and uploads the data to your phone thanks to a dual connectivity: it connects by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Furthermore, all of this within 15 seconds!

This scale can save the data of over 16 different users and it has a weight capacity of 440lbs (200kg). You can even weight your baby! All you have to do is set the scale app for it, weight yourself alone and then you weigh yourself with your baby. The Koogeek app will automatically calculate the weight of your beautiful baby.

It is important to clarify that the scale will not record any data if it is not synced with the app whether via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to your phone or tablet. This scale is very nice to look at as it is elegant, sleek, and very modern. You can search them on our website


Here are some tips you should know before acquiring one of this amazing Koogeek Digital Weight Scale:

  • In some cases, you might need to calibrate the scale after you change the batteries or moving too much the scale. You can do it by stepping on it for 10 seconds before using it.
  • You ought to know that the scale was made to use on flat and hard surfaces so the measurement of your weight can be compromised if you do not use it properly. Try to avoid putting it on soft surfaces or carpets.
  • It is known that when we wake up every morning we are lighter on weight than we are the rest of the day. With this said, make sure to weigh yourself several times to get a general result. We are normally lighter in the morning and night and heavier in the middle of the day.


This Digital Weight Scale has a weighting range of 11-440 lb / 5-200 kg and also uses the stones (sb) weight unit. It has a display of 5-inch LED and uses 4 AAA batteries that come with the product when you buy it.

The item size and weight are of 12.40 * 12.40 * 1.14 in and 62.79oz / 1780g respectively and the package includes the scale, 4 AAA batteries and an instruction manual that comes in several languages.
Why should you get one?

  • It is Highly Accurate: it has 4 high-precision sensors to measure your weight. And the weight capacity is up to 440lb / 200kg.
  • It has 16 Users Recognition: recognizes and record data of up to 16 users.

– It is designed with a high-quality tempered glass platform, which is amazingly sturdy and durable.

You can search them on our website.

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