Why Choose Canada: 7 Reasons to Get Settled


If you’ve planned to settle down in a foreign company, you should consider certain factors before you finalize a particular place.

  • First of all, you need to identify which country offers most flexible immigration. But then, you also need to consider how good that country is in terms of political, social and financial stability.
  • Apart from the references and suggestions from your friends, you should also consider the rules and regulations of the country and their level of strictness for foreigners. Perhaps you’ll be asked to Visit Otis & Korman for Canadian immigration. This immigration law firm in Toronto has a very good reputation, but you may want to consider other factors before finalizing your decision.
  • Another factor to consider is, how good is your country’s relationship with a country where you want to get settled. It determines the level of severity in terms of your evaluation.
  • Moreover, you also need to consider which country offers best accommodation, remuneration, job opportunities, financial stability and more to the job seekers.

Let’s examine why Canada has been people’s favorite.

  1. Flexible Immigration System

Canada has by far the best immigration system in the world. Immigration process involves very limited paperwork and assessment of applicants. Although, the process may take long to complete, but there are more chances of getting clearance.

In contrast, countries like United States have complicated documentation, longer process and less chances of approving immigration applications.

  1. High Standard of Education

Canada cannot be compared with European countries and the United States when it comes to the number of popular universities. However, the place is ideal for the growth of high education systems. If you see the recent stats, Canada is one of the top countries that offers good education facilities to foreign students.

  1. Complete Protection for Families

Families are given complete protection in Canada. Immigrants as well as residents are assured that their children will be provided with basic level education and proper medical facilities at low cost. They have pension funds schemes, family protection schemes and other community support schemes to support immigrants and their families.

  1. Secure Environment

In terms of law and order, Canada is better than most developed countries of the world. The country has low crime rate due to strict laws. Unlike United States, Canada’s jurisdiction is more consistent across all provinces. So, if you’re guilty in one province, you will be treated the same way in other provinces.

  1. Industry Growth

Canada has the fasted growing economy. Many industries have been prospering, of which manufacturing, mining, construction and IT industries are the prominent ones. There is a room for any kind of business idea, unless it’s not against the values and norms of the community. So, if you have a business idea, think about launching it in Canada.

  1. Higher Salaries

In terms of hourly wages and salaries, Canada has been scoring some valuable points. Employee salaries are getting better and better, because investors have spotted the potential of growth in this country.

  1. Relationship with Other Countries

Canada’s relationship with other countries have been friendlier than most developed countries. It also supports underdeveloped countries. Recently, the world has seen how Canada embraced Syrian refugees and provided them with support and protection.

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