Why chatbots are considered to be the marketing future


The first bot Eliza had its beginning in 1966 and the very first type to be introduced in the evolving modern world. It was said to have approximately 20 code lines and back then known to be extremely smart. After it was introduced Parry, stated to be much smarter when compared to Eliza. It was even good enough to imitate any paranoid schizophrenic patient. There were introduced later others like Alice in 1995 and Jabberwacky in 2005 and then was created Siri, which has helped to provide brilliant marketing strategies!

Chatbot in ecommerce industry

So for over five decades now, bots are said to have existed, but there were not that popular until Apple made its grand entry. Being always ahead by a step in competition, Apple went on to introduce chatbot service and also created a strong reputation and brand image for itself. Siri was one such creation that took this tech company to the next level. Siri, which became a household name, can help its users to read stories, to provide extremely witty answers similar to any human being, predict weather and much more in an instant. This bot is also claimed to have helped it user during emergency situation by dialing 911 and saving a life!

Why using bots for marketing is considered to be a great idea?

Chatbots since its evolution has been changing the way how brands have been communicating with one another and to market themselves. These days, people are simply bogged down by apps in millions which actually clutter the digital space. Where websites and apps have failed, bots are found to be succeeding and also performing various relevant functions like addressing queries, offering suggestions, providing customer support, securing messaging platforms frequented by customers, etc. Messenger of Facebook boasting of having 800 million users and still counting is undoubtedly one such fabulous example. The experts do conclude that chatbots definitely the next big aspect to be taken into consideration for future growth of all ecommerce businesses. This has helped the emergence of numerous chatbot development companies for ecommerce.

Its significance

Chatbots are replacing slowly conventional marketing methods with more personalized conversations that are laced with subtle upsells. For example, let’s take Tacobot, the latest bot of Taco Bell! If someone is eager to order tacos, then Tacobot will help list out menu and also allow the user to be aware of the ongoing one plus one offers being made. Also, it would recommend add-ons such as salsa and fried beans. In case, the user agrees and makes an order, then the bot will have made an enhanced sale without actually resorting to any type of pushy sales tactics. Hence, bot can be stated to be an effective customer service, not compelling or going of hard sales. The other benefit is that chatbots are wonderful and smart cookies and scan net cookies. They also can track predictive analytics for providing suggestions based upon past purchases and researches made by the individual. It is very much effective and helps the customers to get the right desired products and the companies to push sales softly.

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