Why 2021 Chevrolet Malibu is Preferable among Mid-Size Vehicles?


Mid-size sedans like Malibu still flourish in the automobile market though SUV has been more in demand. The 2021 Chevrolet Malibu is one of the most preferable mid-size vehicles that you can purchase. It can be used for everyday work or for a weekend trip according to one’s desire and need.

You can order a unit when in Wilkesboro Chevrolet dealer but before that have a look at why this is one of the most preferable mid-size cars in the sedan category. So, take a look at the powertrain, performance, and more of this vehicle before purchasing one.


The powertrains involved include a 1.5L turbocharged engine that spits 163-hp and is available in FWD structure and paired with CVT for smooth gear changes. This car easily reaches 0 – 60 mph within just over 7 seconds. Though many rivals offer better than this in reach 0 – 60 mph, none can provide a smoother ride than Malibu.

However, Malibu can outperform its rivals when it is equipped with 2L turbocharged option that produces 250-hp along with torque 260 pound feet. It offers quicker acceleration and a driving experience that most cars would fail to provide. This is one of the reasons people prefer Malibu in the mid-size sedan category over others.

Malibu 2021 models has the capacity of providing ample mileage, which is another reason as to why more people prefer buying this vehicle. In city it is known for providing 29 mpg and 36 mpg on highways. To know about which engine offers exactly what, go inside Chevrolet Wilkesboro dealership.

Which trim you can buy?

The base trim L will cost you $23,270 while the rest of trims are LS ($24,399), RS ($25,399), LT ($27,799), and Premier ($34,499). If you have nothing to worry about budget then, there is no point is getting anything else other than the Premier trim. However, if you are looking to no go over 30k, then simply go for LT trim along with a few upgrades that will ensure that you have the best model in your garage.

Interior design and available infotainment

It might not be the fanciest interior in the category but definitely it offers the most comfortable and ergonomically friendly aspect that people can enjoy. Great outward visibility, ample space inside cabin, symmetrical dashboard, and more makes up the interior which looks quite amazing in its class.

Even rear seat offers ample space for adults to sit comfortable with enough legroom for stretching legs. In its class, Malibu has the largest space in its trunk to accommodate several carry-ons. Moreover, it has numerous storage space cubbies and holders that can be used by people as they wish.

Now as every detail is laid in front of you can understand why people prefer this mid-size sedan than any other car. Just step inside the car showroom and order the trim you prefer. It is waiting to offer you a comfortable and remarkable ride that you prefer from your vehicle. So, get one by booking it.

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