When to See a Psychologist –Expert’s Advice


Feeling of stress, sadness or resignation is common emotions which time and again assault people. However, there is limit to everything says Dr. Curtis Cripe, an experienced professional in the field of behavioral science. He has worked with countless people to know a simple touch of grief which would go away might be a warrant for a visit to the nearest psychiatrist. He has seen people deny the help. He has seen how people react to the advice of visiting a counselor. However, at times it becomes difficult for the human being to detect the warning sign. At times the feeling of despair becomes so familiar that people see nothing wrong in indulging in the feeling. The problem arises not from the feelings, rather, the problem arises from the lack of professional help.

So, when should you get professional help and go see a counselor? When should you get help? To determine this you need to determine the behavior which is not normal. You need to know where feeling of despair might get you.

Intense feeling might be a sign that you need help says Dr. Curtis Cripe. He admits that everyone feels sad sometimes. He also admits that feeling of anger is common too. However, when that feeling goes out of hand and would not go away, you might be in trouble. When you don’t control your anger or sadness, you might need someone to hold your hand and hear you out. This is not to say you are losing it. This is just that you need to make a difference by reaching out for help.

Thinking about trauma is normal. It takes time to get away from the feeling of shock. When you are trembled out of the comfort zone, you stay with the feeling for a long time. However, when the trauma becomes your life, when it would not go away, when you cling to the feeling of sadness, you have a problem. This calls for professional help. When time fails to heal the wound, says Dr. Curtis Cripe, you must seek someone’s hand who would extend not only a pair of willing ears, but also suggestions. How would you deal with without the help of an expert? It is not wise to try to handle it all alone. Find someone who has experience in helping people out of the problem. An expert will not only drag you out of the problem zone, an expert will also give you ways not to go there.

Workplace can tell a lot about your current situation. When you keep getting bad feedback on a continuous basis, you have something to fear about. It might not be just your performance. It might be something deeper. Something might be wrong down the heart level. You need to find it out. Make sure to look for help when nothing at the workplace works well.

So, who can help you come out of this slumber? Someone who has experience in helping people out will be the right person. Don’t forget to look for the qualification.

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