When it’s time to treat water as a valuable resource


Everyone has heard it said that when the next world war arises it will be fought, not over oil or gold, but over water. The reality is that clean, drinking water is a limited and finite resource and that it is becoming increasingly unavailable for several reasons. These reasons include things like population growth, pollution and climate change amongst other things, but we are not here to talk about why water is becoming scared, we are here to talk about what can be done to help make it go further. The truth is that most people take this valuable commodity for granted. We simply open our taps and out comes water – it is so easy. But it is time that we start to think a little more about this resource and start to use it better and more wisely. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Use it where it is needed

If you are willing to accept that water is an increasingly scarce resource, then it makes sense that you will want to use it where it is most needed. In this regard watering huge expanses of a lawn is a huge waste. A well-maintained lawn looks good, but there are not too many additional benefits to be gained from it. It requires regular mowing and weeding and watering all of which are time and resource consuming. Think how much easier it would be if you laid artificial grass Melbourne is developing a reputation as a leader in this space with an increasing number of people opting to go this route.

Say ‘no’ to single-use water

The demise of single-use plastics is upon us, but single-use water should also be a thing that we become aware of. There is simply no excuse for only using water once. This might sound like a crazy thing to say but take a moment to think about it. Does the water that washes down the shower or bath drain really need to be discarded? Aside from a bit of your skin and some soap, it is clean and fresh and certainly good enough for watering the garden. So, look to install a grey-water system and reuse this water. It is good enough for growing vegetables, watering parks or even washing your car!


Trees are the protector of soil and plants and as much as they are consumers of water they are not really in competition with humans. Trees send roots down to the water table and draw their resources from deep under the ground. They use this water to help them grow, which is when they create shade. This shade protects the soil beneath it, allowing it to stay moist for longer and for the plants that live there to thrive. At the end of the day, it means that you need to waterless.

Gather your own

Rain is a gift from the heavens that we far too frequently take for granted. Don’t let this be the case. When it rains you should not let the water disappear into storm-water drains and out to see. Collect it and harness it in water tanks. Fresh rainwater can be used to fill swimming pools, to water gardens or it can even be plumbed into your system to supply water for flushing toilets or for showering. Be creative, buy the storage tanks and talk to a plumber – just don’t let the valuable water disappear down the drain.

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