What Is the Significance of Bangles in Indian Women’s Life


Bangles play an important role in Indian women’s life. They enhance the beauty of a woman’s wrist. Gold jewellery whether it’s in the form of necklace or bangles is adored by women. With changing fashion, Indian women like to wear designer and trendy gold bangles to look stunning and attractive.

Gold has been used since several decades for making designer pieces of jewellery. The art of designing bangles is sophisticated and artistic in nature. Years of experience and skill is involved to make gold bangles designs.

Importance of Gold

Raw gold is usually not useful to make jewellery. To make jewellery pieces, it has to be mixed with other metals like nickel or silver, copper etc.  Gold is typically measured in Karats (“kt”).22 kt gold jewellery signifies that alloy has 22 part as gold and balance 2 part as other metal(s). 24k gold is considered to be 100% or pure gold.

Significance of Bangles

In Indian culture, bangles form an important part of solah shringar. It’s vital for a woman to wear bangles. This is because bangles are considered to be a sign of their husband’s long life. For this reason, women love to wear gold bangles design for daily use. Various regions have different set of rituals related to bangles. Prospective brides wear the smallest possible size of bangles with help of oil since as per some rules it signifies a married life full of care and affection.

  • In Southern states of India, gold jewellery is considered to be very auspicious. Brides in South states wear green coloured bangles paring them with gold ones since green colour is the mark of fertility and prosperity.
  • In some areas of Bengal, newly married ladies wear red coral and oyster shell bangles that are called as pola and shakha. Further, brides get gold plated bangles as gifts from their future in-laws.
  • In states of Gujarat and Rajasthan, some brides wear chooda or ivory bangles. In Gujarat, brides receive chooda in a ceremony known as mameru from their maternal uncle with a bridal silk saree.
  • In state of Punjab also, prospective brides carry red bangles and ivory known as chooda. These bangles are usually gifted by their maternal uncle. They wear this chooda for a definite period of time. Usually, for minimum 45 days or more as per family’s custom.

Changing trend

These days there are various websites where you can buy gold bangles online at good prices. Such websites display vivid gold bangles designs with price.  You can see choose the bangles as per your choice and taste. However, make sure that you buy bangles only from websites which showcase gold bangles with price so that there is no discrepancy in transaction.


Bangles have become trendier over time. With time, the designs have improved to suit modern look. However, the significance of bangles is still the same.  Craftsmen are trying to adapt to changing fashion by crafting better and new designs.


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