What Are the 5 Types of Water Best for Drinking


Water is the source of the living on this earth, and it’s needed for the surviving of every living creature. For us humans, it’s really a needed thing. However, in case of drinking water have you thought that there are so many types of water out there and you can choose from them?

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The human body is made up of more than 60% water, so it’s important to stay properly hydrated. Drinking the right amount of water can have a major impact on your health. Drinking purified water can help you stay healthier and more energized throughout the day. Click here https://www.health-disease.org/ to learn more about purified water.

There 5 types of main water sources that you can choose from. All of it is purified ones and provides the best benefits. So if you are intrigued enough to know the types, here, we have listed the 5 types of water for your convenience.

  1. Mineral Water

This kind of water is infused with all the best minerals and is the best type of water for drinking purpose. If you get yourself to drink mineral water every day, you will fulfill the deficiency of minerals in your body. This kind of water contains magnesium and calcium in a great amount. However, to get the real mineral water you have to pay a little buck, and then you can enjoy the same.

  1. Distilled Water

This is simply boiled water and it’s good for health. For those who are suffering from stomach infections, they can have the same. All water types are far from being purified, but once you boil the water and get rid of the sediment, the water becomes pure. The doctor’s often recommend distilled water for the babies. Although this type of water lacks the taste of normal drinking water, it’s very good for health for all times sake. However, intake of distilled water for a long time can cause constipation, so it must be ceased after some time.

  1. De-ionized Water

De-ionized water is simply free from ions. It is avoided as a drinking water and suggested to do so. Because it can have an opposite effect on the body and if used in cooking all the minerals gets tarnished by it. If the de-ionized water is made from distilled water or reverses osmosis purification, it is pure and easily drinkable. You can always contact the Eureka Forbes service center tollfree number Jabalpur and have the best-purified water for your home.

  1. Spring Water

This kind of water is found on the hills, and in their springs. This water type is infused with minerals and is very healthy. You can find pure spring water in bottles from the market and that will be a little bit pricey but it will be worth it. Spring water has less to zero toxins in it and provides all the best benefits as drinking water.

  1. Purified Water

If you want to have purified water, you have to check the process of purification it has gone through. You will surely find the purification details on the back of the sealed water bottle. Purified water is filled with calcium, magnesium, and potassium that serve the best for your health. Reverse osmosis, filtration of sediments are some of the ways water is purified.

Water is the important thing that keeps us healthy and gives the best energy to go on throughout the day. For that reason, it’s necessary to know the types of drinkable water available for us.

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