What Are Some Comfort Foods


The thing with baked comfort food is it will make you cozy whether it is in the depths of the winter or just on a rainy day. Comfort foods will instantly lift your mood. Here are some comfort foods that can significantly alter the way you feel:

Sunday Roast

The Sunday Roast is considered one of the most favorite comfort foods in Britain. This food will surely relive your childhood memories when you had to sit down to Sunday lunch. Although the cooking of this sumptuous lunch has waned, families can still enjoy a good roast in pubs.

Fish and chips

Fish and chips – an absolute classic! You get to enjoy deep-fried fish in a crispy batter with French fries on the side. The fact is it is considered a national institution – whether you consider it with mushy peas or not.

English breakfast

This kind of breakfast is not recommended every day if you are health conscious. If you want to treat yourself every now and then (especially on holidays or weekends), a full English breakfast is fitting. It starts with orange juice, cereals, and fruits. Then you will be served with a plate filled with bacon, eggs, and sausages. This is considered an easy food to make at home.

Scotch eggs

Scotch eggs were once a picnic snack comprised of whole boiled egg with bread-crumbed sausage meat casing. These days, you can find this food served on beds of lettuce.


Curry is usually served with rice and naan bread. There are also onion bhajis and samosas included. Many love the mild tikka masala or the bhuna (rich tomato sauce).
Pie or pastry

If you want quick food to fill your heart and body, you should reach for a pie or pastry. Pies or pasties are perfect for people on the go. It can be a snack or a meal depending on your preference. The most popular pastry is Cornish pastry. As for the pies, the most popular is porkie.

Marmalade sponge pudding

You remember marmalade sponge pudding as a child because of its warm puds bathed in custard sauce. This baked comfort food is still a favorite of many people when reliving memories of childhood.

Fruit crumble

For an instant boost, the fruit crumble will deliver. Fruit crumble is a favorite because of its tasty and soft fruit compote. It is usually topped with crisp crumble. To finish it off, there is ice cream on the side.


Pudding is economical and interesting. It is made of leftover slices of bread with the addition of milk, vanilla, cream, and dried fruits. You can easily make this leftover a luscious and comforting dessert.

Welsh cakes

Welsh cakes are also called bakestones. They appear tiny discs of a butterfly. What is distinct about Welsh cake is its bite-sized cake that melts in your mouth. You have the choice between juicy currant or plain variety.Whether you make it your own or you go to pubs, the memories associated with the food will still remain. British comfort foods will instantly lift your mood no matter the time of the day.

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