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Ways by which you can have fun during the course of pregnancy

Pregnancy along with cancer was something that was hardly heard off a few years back. But oncology in pregnancy is of the opinion that you should not go on to take a back step during this phase. Medicine for oncology during pregnancy is there to take care of this disorder and it is all about adding an element of fun when you become pregnant. Let us now explore some of the ways by which you have fun during the period of pregnancy

The belly you can apply henna

You can avail the services of a professional or get in touch with a crafty friend but one thing for sure that the henna bellies work out to be beautiful. Just make it a point that the henna is free from lead. On the internet there are a host of designs or styles that you can follow.

The belly can be painted and you can go on to take photos

You can go crazy by applying some nontoxic paint on the belly and capture those amazing clicks. The Chinese cat or a water melon is some amazing paintings. You can ask your friend to take a lot of pictures.


It would not matter whether babies like music or not but trust me dancing does work for you. Just move around in your living room and it would make you feel a lot better and get into the grove of pregnancy.

Preparation of a fun list

Once you are grown up you do get the muscles raunchy. Just educate yourself on what you might have to do and then write it down. You are going to need this list when the baby comes into the world as well. Ideally vitamin F is a fun element and the list includes kissing, making crazy stuff, cooking, reading good books and many of the to do list.


This might be jolt out of the blue but in fact you can talk to your belly. There is a possibility that you might hear an answer back from them as well. You could introduce yourself and ask them what are the colours they like, which nursery they are planning to enrol and how you can add up to the element of fun. The chances are that you might get some made up answers in the head. Whatever way you approach it is going to add up to the element of fun in a big way.

Go local

If you are somewhat local you can head for frequent trips every now and then. But be aware that it should be a vacation without breaking the bank as you might need money for pregnancy in the days to come. You can start the process by preparing a list of places that could be fun to you. Studies do showcase the fact that planning along with anticipation does have an important role during the course of travel. It could be a beach or an amusement park.

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