Warehouse Wonders: 5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Security System


Anyone who has worked in warehousing will tell you one thing: security must always be front and centre. This is because these businesses have long been a target for would-be crims, eager to get their grubby mitts on whatever valuable product the business provides.

But it has become increasingly difficult for these unscrupulous characters to enter such locations, especially with the help of the best security camera system for warehouse needs possible.

But to get the best solution you have to make a few key considerations, including the following:

1. Does the provider have the equipment we need?

 The ideal provider will have a vast range of equipment and a specialised passion for warehouse safety. This should include everything from CCTV to motion sensors, secure access points, smoke detectors and more. You should never go with some shoddy operation just because they offer a cheap product, as there is nothing more important than ensuring the safety of you, your employees and the products you facilitate.

So, be sure to hold a proper consultation with the potential provider, ensuring they are stocked with the items you need to ensure your location’s safety. This can also be done through speaking with the company as an experienced provider should be able to talk you through the elements of your location to ensure its safety.

2. Is it easy to install the solution?

 Of course, the provider should be able to install the solution. But if you do opt to do it yourself, you should ensure that it is a high quality solution that is easy to install. Otherwise, you may find yourself stuck with a dodgy framework that has deployment issues as well as something that may falter just when it needs to operate at full capacity.

What’s more, it should be incredibly user-friendly, allowing you and your staff to access it in real time and without the need for a specialist (or someone thoroughly trained in the equipment) to access its information.

3. The scope of your location’s requirements

 You should have a detailed idea of your security needs, what needs to be installed and where it needs to be installed. This includes a working knowledge of your location’s weak points and where on the site needs to be covered with CCTV. Perhaps you have a large warehouse with many blind spots that need covering? Or, perhaps your location is smaller than most, and doesn’t require the complete coverage of a larger operation?

Knowing your business’s requirements is also key to getting the best return on investment for your solution.

4. Will it be linked to security and/or police?

 Modern solutions should be linked with security teams and/or the police to further ensure the location’s safety. Therefore, an advanced provider should be able to offer this service, as this goes a long way to ensuring would-be criminals will flee the location once they know that a team or the police are on their way.

5. How much will it all cost?

 Obviously, you will have to factor all of this into your business’s budget. Therefore, it’s important that you run through the costs with your provider, ensuring that there are no hidden fees that they might try and spring on you later on down the track. Be sure you are aware of the complete price breakdown before you sign any contracts with the potential provider!

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