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Top 5 Productivity Apps You Should Check Out


9apps is the platform which provides various premium and non premium apps to all users of android devices with android systems from and above. This platform has a large customer base from nations like India and Indonesia. The users are very much satisfied from this platform due to high levels of security it provides and speedy downloads. The various categories of apps have been listed here from which the consumers can go and choose and then download the app which one wants. The various productivity apps have been listed as follows:

  • Color Call Phone- flash caller screen: The app provides changing the phone background color and caller screen with different colors. One can even record calls with high definition quality. Call screen can be made fancy by changing the colors and themes. The manager never allows missing any call. The app also includes feature of call name announcer and improves call experience. The app is just 23.1mb and facilitates easy downloading.
  • MicrosoftPower Point: The app allows creating power point presentations in order to discuss a topic thoroughly and creates a sense of confidence as well. This helps to make a powerful impression on the panel of judges or the audience. A beautiful presentation is always the winner. One can add various effects and animations in order to create an everlasting impact on the viewers. The app is just 67.9 mb and helps to save a lot of space on the device.
  • Microsoft Word- edit, share and write documents on the go: The app involves creating a document in which one can write and edit the documents. Various font sizes and fonts can be used and one can even read various PDFs on the go. This helps to save a lot of time and one can even create various formats and can convert them to other formats in order to easily fulfill the purpose.
  • Microsoft Excel- view, edit and create spreadsheets: The excel spreadsheets help to create, view, edit and share spreadsheets easily. This helps to make various calculations simple by application of various formulas. Also various kinds of data analysis tools are there in order to make the work much simpler. All charts and pie charts help in analysis and interpretation easier. One can review and edit from anywhere. Various worksheets help to make the work easier and enhance the effects of the whole presentation of the document. The app size is 67.6mb.
  • PlaystoreUpload Test: The app came in September 2017. This is applications upload submitted test. The app is just 0.3mb. The app can also function on a small phone with not much configuration. Various updates come every week in order to ensure bug fixes and improve the performance of the apps.

All these amazing apps are available in 9apps apk format and help in storage savings and even speedy download of the apps helps in satisfying the users. The platform is from AlibabaGroup and has a great customer base because of main advantage it provides of its availability in 14 languages.

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