Top 4 Activa Scooter Models launched So Far by Honda


Honda, the Japanese motorcycle and scooter manufacturing company has been dominating the Indian market for 16 straight years now. The company launched its first model in the year 2000 and since then no other company has ever regained or overtook Honda in two wheeler segment. Earlier the scooters were available with gear but Honda Activa started the trend for gearless scooter which was also easy to balance. All the scooters come with great mileage, attractive body design, and low weight. Here we will discuss 4 major Activa scooter models that are launched in the country so far and that has led the path of its success by huge margin where no other product is seen near by it.

Honda Activa -2000

Honda launched the first model of this series in the year 2000 which became the best selling scooter of India in very short duration. This Honda Activa new model started the trend for gearless scooter which was easy to balance as compared to others at that point. This was the 110cc scooter capable enough to give maximum power of 5.71KW and maximum torque of 0.9kg-m. It has 4-stroke engine with air-cooled technology. The price of this scooter was somewhere near to 40,000 INR.

Honda Activa I

After tasting the success for many years, the company thought of launching the new model with certain changes. This was also 110 cc scooter with eco technology which gave great mileage. The company claimed to give the mileage of 60kmpl. Certain features that were equipped in this model are light weight, stylish graphics, combi brake system, tubeless tyres, comfortable seat and HET technology. This scooter gives the maximum power of 5.84KW and maximum torque of 8.74Nm. It also consists of both kick and self start technology. It is available in 7 different colours subject to different models. The price range for this Honda Activa new model starts from 50,000 INR.

Honda Activa 3G

Now after making Activa I a major success, the company launched Honda Activa 3G in its next model of the same series. It was equipped with great body design, 3D emblem, and glorious tail lamp. Its improved HET engine was one of the greatest points for this particular Honda Activa new model. Honda Activa 3G has an air-cooled, 4-stroke and SI engine with 110cc displacement. It has the capability of providing the maximum power of 5.83KW and maximum torque of 8.83Nm. The company has upgraded its front stance, headlights and has equipped this model with CLIC mechanism for faster servicing. Its large storage space, combi break system, instrument console are its greatest features of all.

Honda Activa I25

After trying 110cc model for 15 straight years, the company decided to launch the 125cc model this year with some more features and advanced engine. This is the all new model of Honda Activa series which is the blend of efficiency, comfort and design. The 125cc engine can give the mileage above 50kmp. It can produce the maximum power of 8.60bhp. This model is available in 4 major colours and its price starts from 55,000 INR subject to change for different variants.

The Last Words

The biggest reason for the Honda Activa’s success is that the company has upgraded itself with time. If it would have remained to its basic model then we are not sure that it could make it to such a big level today. Therefore changing itself with time is the main reason for it to rule the automobile industry for straight 6 years now. Honda Activa I25 is the latest version of all which is equipped with all the advanced features.

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