Tom Colton marks the importance of embracing your child’s spirits


From their birth itself, each child is different from the other. All of them are unique in their own ways. Each child develops differently; they form their very own personalities. They grow their own strengths and suffer from their very own weaknesses. A person’s name should define all these things. It should signify the essence of their personality. The name you give to your child would be his identify for his entire life. From school graduation to their wedding day, from signing their first bank cheque to their final will, it’s their name by which each stepping stone shall be solidified.

Tom Colton emphasizes on the uniqueness of each child

A child’s name should celebrate his individualistic spirits; it should be a testament to his uniqueness. No one understands this better than his parents. No one can have a better grasp of the person he would grow up to be, more than them. Thus they should be the ones naming him. A mother’s love and a father’s support is what form the foundation of a child’s growth. It has one of the biggest influences in their personalities as they grow up. Being a minister, Tom Colton recognizes this fact believes in their right to name their children. While different religious have their own methods of choosing a name of a child, Spiritual Ceremonies, which specializes in performing ceremonies like marriages and naming ceremonies, believes in having an unorthodox approach. They support the unconditional love a family has for their children and enables them to name their child in accordance to their wishes.

Naming ceremony is a very meaningful event in a child’s life. Its significance would be carried by him throughout his life. It aims to acknowledge and celebrate the distinctiveness of a child, to rejoice in the hopes of the bright future ahead of him.

It’s the parents who guide their children through the darkness of the unknown future and show them the light. They teach and encourage them in times of need and provide them with their boundless love. No one can love a child more than his parents. Whenever a child falls, the parents lend their hand to help them up. Whenever they fail, the parents show them the path to success. After the birth of a child, a parent’s life begins to slowly revolve around their children.

Spiritual Ceremonies hold a great appreciation for everything a parent does for their child. Being a part of this organization, Tom Colton ensures to perform a naming ceremony which is designed with the input from the parents. The ceremony inculcates the ideas and the desires presented by the parents, so that they can leave their own mark on their child’s special day. The ceremony also reflects the spirit of the child and focuses on letting him shine through his own light. Each child is special and their specialty should be put in front of all so that they also can also admire him in awe. Creating the perfect blend of the parent’s wishes and the child’s individuality and turning them into something magical, which would be worth remembering, is a vital objective of the Spiritual Ceremonies.

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