Tips to Maximize Auto Accident Compensation in a Personal Injury Claim in Missouri


Statistically speaking, a large number of people in Missouri have had an auto accident at some point in their life. The severity of the crash itself determines whether or not a personal injury claim is justifiable against the reckless or negligent driver’s auto insurance service provider.

Personal injury victims who try to negotiate and settle the claim with the insurance company’s claim adjuster following a severe auto accident in Missouri tread on thin ice. Attorney Josh Myers, one of the experienced personal injury attorneys in Missouri, asserts that personal injury lawsuits are complicated and a victim of an auto crash needs all the legal assistance they can get to boost their chances of getting fair compensation. Here are other tips to help you maximize your compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.

1. First things first: Gather the right information

The moment you realize that you have been involved in an auto crash, try as much as possible to get the contact details of the other driver, witnesses, and everyone else at the crash scene. Keep this information safely. It is also good to take photographs of the vehicle skid marks, property damage, and other pieces of evidence available at the scene.

You should not rely solely on the law enforcement officers to collect the evidence and do investigations for you. Instead, be proactive and collect and preserve your own pieces of evidence. In case you have suffered injuries that can’t allow you to move around, request a witness to take photographs and document the scene. It is also recommended to contact a family member, friend, or your lawyer to rush to the scene and help you.

2. Seek medical attention

Even if you haven’t suffered severe injuries, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. First, getting a doctor’s opinions regarding your health after an accident is important. Also, getting medical attention will facilitate better documentation of your injuries. Remember, you need these documents to prove that you have a valid personal injury claim.

3. Consult with an experienced attorney

Many personal injury attorneys in Missouri offer free initial consultation. The details they provide are like pointers on how you can best handle your claim. It is also recommended to hire an attorney to help you build a strong case, file the claim in time, and handle other tasks associated with the lawsuit.

4. Think before you leap

This sounds more of a cliché, but it holds true when it comes to claim settlements and personal injury lawsuits. You should never sign a release of claim for a specific compensation unless your doctor has declared that have recovered fully from the injuries sustained during the auto crash.

5. Know that an auto crash claim in Missouri covers both past and future medical expenses

The Missouri State law allows victims of the auto accident to recover both past and future economic and non-economic damages. Even if your health insurance service provider paid your medical bills, you are still entitled to compensation for the injuries you suffered.

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