Tips to Manage a Road Trip Without Spare Tires


Who doesn’t know the pain of a blown or flat tire at the middle of the road, especially when driving through deserted highways, where finding the next tire repair shop remains unpredictable? It also can add to the trouble, if you don’t have a spare tire to soar through this issue. But this can be a common scenario for explorers especially when the travel is for longer days and you have already used up the spare tire. To be ready for such cases, you can keep the following tips in mind that we have collected from the Ford dealer Temecula.

Preparing and Storing a Kit in Your Car

You must have known about the emergency tire inflation kit, which most of the car manufacturers pack it with their models. The first task for you will be to check it out in your manual and the trunk that should be consistent of a small canister like thing which is actually a tiny pump to inflate the tires. If the manual mentions it, you are having one, which is really solving half the issue. Next is the task of reading out the instructions and learn the way of using it.

But if you are not that fortunate to have that repair kit, you can always make one of your own with a little bit of research on the internet. Basically it should have a tire sealant, a tire inflator and a rubber-like patch. Then comes the need of a compressor which will allow you to inflate the tire into the normal measure of tire pressure and if you are done with this, it would be enough for you to drive till you reach the next repair shop.

One small hack is to keep in your car a compressor powered by a cigarette-lighter which will really come handy in any such emergency cases. Many of these compressors are specifically designed with a trouble light along with a flasher or other built-in accessories and are easily portable. But you must take a note that such compressors won’t be able to handle sidewall punctures, shredded or seriously damaged tires.

Run-Flat Tires

Another option suggested by the Ford Temecula dealer experts is to temporarily come out of the mess, is having a pair of run-flat tires which are widely available as aftermarket parts. These tires are specially designed to carry a puncture for the tread, deal with lost air pressure and help you in keep driving for the time being. The best part of these tires is their ability to keep the car going and helping you in making it to the destination and at least drive till you get a safe place to pull your car, instead of simply dead stopping the car at a place that can stop at the middle of the traffic, making you stranded. But run-flats do have some issues because of which you cannot take them as regular ones. These tires are expensive because of more complex and robust mechanism, but will make more noise, and might not deliver an expected ride quality because these are generally lower in their grip on the road in comparison to the summer performance tires and can fail miserably like any other tire if the sidewall gets damaged.

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