Tips to Make Your Next Vacation Easier


Those who are seasoned travelers will still admit that there are extremely stressful moments involved in planning a trip. For some, it’s packing and for many others it’s the transportation itself. If this describes you, here are four tips to make the most anxiety-ridden parts of travel just a little easier.

Take a Shuttle

If you fret over getting yourself to the airport and weaving through all that traffic just to find no empty parking spaces, it’s time to take a shuttle. Whether you’re on your way to a flight or Houston airport to Galveston cruise terminal, taking a shuttle allows you to sit back and let someone else do the driving. It’s much safer than navigating busy highways and you’ll be dropped off directly at your destination.

Pack Ahead of Time

Are you a last-minute packer? Even the best travelers dread the thoughts of packing and stressing about forgetting things. To solve this debacle, make a list of all the clothing and personal items you’ll need. Start packing about a week early and cross items off your list. When travel day comes, just grab your bag and go.

Skip the Pocketbook

The more bags you take, the more things you can lose. Unless you’re traveling with just a carry-on, skip the pocketbook. When you check your luggage, take a small bag that doubles as a purse. Keep your money and passport in one designated pocket. You’ll find it much easier than juggling two small bags.

Condense Your Wardrobe

When you’re planning your trip’s wardrobe, instead of taking a hundred different outfits, cut your clothing in half by making sure each top and bottom goes together. That way, you can make dozens of combinations. A colorful scarf or shoes can be used to accessorize.

Trial and Error

Good travel habits are formulated by trial and error. What works for some may not work for everyone. However, you’ll always find that condensing and simplifying anything will make it go much smoother.

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