Tips to help you manage your business when you start



Do not invest any money that you cannot afford to lose and do not start any business that you cannot afford to fail but don’t ignore the data There are two types of entrepreneurs: the intuitive and the empirical. Find out which of the two is you The first is guided by sensations, while the second takes into account mater studies, metrics, analytics You can succeed with both methods but the recommendation is balance If you decide to consult, do it with someone who understands Your relatives, for better or worse, are experts in detecting dangers, but not in identifying opportunities.

The Minimum Viable Product That is, a product developed to a minimum in order to get it to have cost as little money as possible, but still be able to be sold Another of its advantages is that you will soon realize the failures and correct them If you want to go far, fail quickly The marketing plan Once you have your finished product, you will realize that the most difficult thing is not to have a product, but to get them to know it Although you can learn and design it yourself, the recommendation is to hire an agency of marketing and advertising.


The goal is to ensure that what you invest in attracting customers is always less than what you get in return Reduce expenses Do the unspeakable to reduce expenses. Be as conservative as you can no matter how well you go, since what ends up knocking down a company is the costs. A company only closes when it cannot cope with its debts The most dangerous question that according to can ask an entrepreneur is: What is your next project In his opinion it is preferable to deepen that we have to start another project Concentrate your energy. Better a single well that reaches oil than a million that stay halfway.

To the extent that you control your innate inclusion to reject changes, you will be increasing your intelligence of success success is different, in experimenting. In a company, entering an autopilot means entering a state of metastasis. It is doing absolutely nothing to move forward the solution lies in getting ahead of ourselves, in implementing changes before the situation demands them, in innovating, in take big risks to get huge wins and more info please visit here

If you want drastic results, don’t make small changes. And if you make small changes, don’t expect drastic results When your client asks for an improvement, it is that your improvement is late It’s going from a manual job that you do to an automatic job that is done alone The importance of systematization is huge for everyone and giant for those who have any type of business, since it is the mother of availability To get it, it recommends entrepreneurs “to invest in technology that systematizes processes and even if your initial cost scares you, do not think about what you lose today, but about everything you will gain tomorrow.

Those who know me know that the biggest sin that can be committed in 8 Team is to think to see what 8 Belts does about this problem instead of seeing what we do 8 Team to solve it Later now in chapter 28 it says I understand that companies are not companies but groups of people If you delegate, as boss, tasks in the professionals of your team you can focus on the most important. “Saying no to a task that contributes little allows you to say yes to two who contribute a lot.

To be effective, everyone should end up answering the following questions: “What conclusions do we draw from this meeting? What is the next step? When and who will be responsible for giving it It is the set of small details that differentiate us from the rest of the companies.” At this point, it also draws attention to “a very frequent mistake among the human resources departments of companies of all sizes” consisting “of thinking more about how the candidate can seduce the company than the company the candidate.

To increase your productivity do not seek to increase the number of hours you dedicate, but reduce the number of tasks that do not impact With the same hours that some care about watching television, others worry about building the world outside of it.” Burned time “is what nobody remembers, not even ourselves, since it is inert and sterile  It is made up of three vertices. The first is to be clear about “the objectives that you want to obtain from the negotiation”. The second is to be clear, too, “at what points you can yield” and, finally, “put all possible focus on the value of the concessions so that by giving in to your concessions, he will yield with your untouchables.

Never give a hot response. Although finally the answer is the same as what you thought from the beginning, it is better to meditate. Always respond with this phrase: “Thank you very much for your proposal, I will analyze it and reply later Speak “with such conviction that the other is left with the feeling that if he does not accept it, he loses The exchange of money is the best bolt.” The recommendation is to ask for “a reserve amount however small”, since “when there is an exchange of money, the commitment is triggered.

The strength of money is not in quantity, but in the fact that your mind has taken a step The urgency of closing an operation opens the possibility of making more concessions. In the same vein, it recommends not being “too fast, nor too analytical.” In the first case “you will sin of impetuous” while, in the second case, “you will sin of slow The question to get it is: if I were in the other place and heard an argument like mine, what would I answer The strongest negotiator is always the one with the greatest capacity to resign, or what is the same, the ability to say ‘no’. To do this, have additional alternatives to the one you are negotiating.

It is about creating expectation before communicating an important message. This can be achieved by “deliberate silence,” using “your body language” or “modulating the tone of voice to direct attention.” In the following chapter justify this strategy because “the impact of a message is proportional to the expectation you create before giving it Communicate just like you eat. Let people swallow message one before giving message two. How? With short ideas that start and end.

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