Tips to be more productive with Microsoft Office


Microsoft Office is still on the list of skills of an ideal worker. For that reason, knowing interesting tricks and functionalities will not only help you increase your work opportunities, but also increase your productivity and allow you to have more free time. A website called SoftwareKeep, From there you can Purchase Microsoft Office.

Use old versions

Microsoft Office allows you to install different versions on your computer and use them as best suits you. And if you still do not acclimatize to the new version of Office, you can continue using an earlier version, so that you get used to the new version little by little.

Save time with a copy

If you want to work on the copy of a document while leaving the original file without changes, you can do it without problems, this will save you time and it will not be necessary to edit the original version. To do this, click on the “File” option, then choose “Open”, “Recent documents”, right click on the document you want to open, then on “Open a copy” and that’s it. All the changes you make in the document will be saved in the copy.

Online Documents

If you need to take an important document to another place, you can save your documents in your Microsoft account and then access the file from another device while you are away from your computer. Also, you can use the Office application for smartphones , with this functionality it is possible to make changes from anywhere.

There is no need to copy and paste

Using Ctrl + X and Crtl + V to move text within a document is not a sin, however, since some versions of Microsoft Office you can do this same functionality more quickly, which will help you be more productive. Once you select the text, use the F2 key. This will allow you to choose the place where you want to put the text by giving it with just “Enter”.

Use Wikipedia from Word

The Wikipedia application for Word is a good resource for general research. Once you have it installed, go to the “Insert” option, ” Apps for Office “, then Wikipedia and that’s it. Also, the application also allows you to insert part of a text or image. To do this, select the text or place the cursor on the image, then click on the insert symbol to put it inside the body of your Word file. The hyperlink to the source is included automatically.

Recommended graphics

In previous versions of Microsoft Excel , creating appropriate graphics took a lot of time, since you not only had to sort the data and edit the graph, but you had to find the right kind of graph to represent your data. Now, in the new versions of Excel, you can do all that work with a single button, using the function of recommended graphics. This function uses an algorithm to determine the graph.

Open PDF in Word

Microsoft Word has a function called PDF Reflow. The operation of this tool is complicated, however, the purpose is to open PDF files and change them to a Word format, allowing you to edit the documents as you wish, including the copy function. Now all the data in PDF is accessible with Word. The conversion is not always perfect, but it is a very useful function.


Microsoft Office has several functions that not many people use. However, they can help you complete tasks more quickly and, therefore, increase your productivity. As a good Digital Marketing professional you should take advantage of all the functions that are necessary to be more competitive in your daily work.

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