Tips from Pallavi Chhelavda for Gaining Wealth


Wealth is something that is very much required in order to maintain a proper lifestyle and to stay happy. According to Vastu, the negative energy prevents a person from gaining wealth even if he or she works hard. Thus, it becomes important to understand how to allow the positive energy to get entry into the home so that wealth can come in easily.

Pallavi Chhelavda, the renowned Vastu expert offers some simple tips on how to gain wealth easily:

  • It is recommended to place the cash in the almirah that is near to the South- West or South wall so that it can open in the northern direction. Do not place cash in any other direction.
  • Refrain from making water body, swimming pool or anything beneath the usual ground level in the South- West direction.
  • Do not place the cash locker under any shaft of light as this places a lot of monetary strain on business or family.
  • Ms. Chhelavda says that by placing a mirror in front of the cash locker the wealth can be doubled easily as the mirror shows the image of the cash.
  • Avoid temple, high rise buildings in front of North-East portion of your home as this results in loss of wealth. In case there are high rise buildings then ensure that their shadow do not fall on your home.
  • Always keep the North-East portion free from clutter and open at all times as this draws wealth. Refrain from making staircase in this area and do not keep anything heavy like machinery in the North- East area.
  • Keep the South-West portion of roof more than the North-East portion to keep the positive energy uniform within the house.
  • According to Vastu, planting huge and big trees in the South- West direction of a plot steadies finance. This also drives away bad luck and accidents in business and family. However, do not plant big trees in the North- East direction of the house as it hinders financial flow.
  • Get the leaking taps or faucets repaired or replaces as leaking of water means waste and loss of money.
  • Place a fish aquarium in the North- East direction of living room.
  • Beautify the entrance door of your home uniquely to allow wealth and prosperity find way into the house. Also adorn the number plate and name of the home and keep this area lit brightly and colored beautifully.
  • Always keep all windows and doors of the house clean as the dirty windows and doors restrict the positive energy to flow into the house which in turn restricts money.

Ms. Chhelavda says that by following these vastu guidelines one can gain wealth and enjoy financial freedom for the rest of the life.

To know more on this, one should watch the special TV show, ‘Vastu Living with Pallavi Chhelavda. This show is telecasted on on TV Asia every Sunday where Ms. Chhelavda shares her comprehensive knowledge about vastu and Feng Shui and tips on certain important things.

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