Thought-Provoking Facts Regarding Scrap Metal and Your Local Collection Specialists


Two decades ago, the United Kingdom had thousands of dedicated waste disposal sites with free landfill space, but, due to overcapacity, disproportionate rubbish disposal, and a widespread lack of proper recycling, it is estimated that we will have less than 100 accessible landfill stations by the year 2022. The UK Government has some handy information on scrap metal dealers.

In this regard, it’s important to note that recycling your scrap metal is not only environmentally friendly and practical but also financially rewarding and readily available. For this reason, many Britons are beginning to coordinate with their local recycling specialists.

This brief report will outline some compelling information about scrap metal and, then, explain why it’s worth your while to contact your neighbourhood salvage experts.

The Fascinating Arena of Recyclable Metals

At the moment, the UK reprocesses upwards of nine million tonnes of metallic waste each year, and this eco-friendly sector employs nearly 11,000 British citizens. However, we have to turn up our efforts if we wish to have any hope of prolonged sustainability. So, before we address how you can obtain money for your scrap, there are some particulars that you must heed:

  • Roughly 8% of our planet’s surface crust is comprised of raw aluminium, and it was first extracted in 1825, almost two hundred years ago. Surprisingly enough, more than 70% of all fabricated aluminium is still in use today, due in large part to how easy it is to recycle this prominent material.
  • When compared side-by-side with the process of manufacturing brand new aluminium, recycling aluminium utilises approximately 90% less energy, which is particularly significant when considering the fact that aluminium can be reused endlessly if handled appropriately.
  • The worldwide demand for copper has increased threefold since the late 1960s, but less than 40% of the copper used nowadays comes from recycled sources. However, reconditioned copper can decrease CO2 emissions by 60%, and it is twice as cost-effective to reprocess as it is to create it from scratch.
  • Zinc, steel, tin, lead, and other metals can also be reused many times over, while, on the other hand, it can take hundreds upon hundreds of years for these materials to degrade within a landfill organically. The onus is on us to become champions of reclaiming metallic waste by paying close attention to our rubbish disposal habits.

Now that you can appreciate the salient details concerning recyclable metals let’s shed some light on the advantages of chartering a scrap metal collection in Birmingham.

Arranging a Collection is Easy, Straightforward, and Very Lucrative

The scrap metal niche is currently worth over £6 billion, and you can gain access to comprehensive collection assistance by merely visiting the landing page of your local facility:

  • One-off services and prescheduled collections are both available.
  • Seasoned drivers and operators can pick up your metal waste at any point in time, allowing you to avoid having to haul refuse by yourself.
  • Their modernised reprocessing systems can reclaim both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, irrespective of its size, age, or condition.
  • These resourceful firms will also purchase and recycle any vehicle.

At the end of your collection or delivery, you’ll be presented with an official cheque, loyalty cash card, or bank account transfer for your recycled materials; so, be sure to get in touch with a distinguished scrap metal maven today.

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