Things you should know about Volkswagen ID.4


If you are a fan of electric cars, then checking out ID.4 from Volkswagen is a must for people. After years of research and concepts, VW finally introduced this electric SUV to the world. According to this automobile manufacturer, this is just the start of launching electric vehicle but still being the first it impresses the people. 

Before booking one from VW dealer Rancho Cucamonga, one must know a few things about this vehicle in detail. Knowing about the specs will help in determining what one will get if he/she buys this vehicle. 


VW expressed that the AWD drivetrain will be added for ID.4 lineup; however, for now, only the RWD drivetrain is available, where it is equipped with a single motor electric engine. It produces 201 horsepower; however, AWD dual-motor will generate 302 HP. Also, its regenerative brake system assists in recapturing energy during the vehicle’s slow down. What’s more impressive is that it can tow 2700 pounds easily. Hence, it offers remarkable performance that will give a hard time to its rivals in this segment. 

This model will offer 104 mpg when in cities and 89 mpg when on the highway, according to EPA. Thus, there is no doubt that is it one of the best electric vehicles that one can book for everyday usage. 

Battery life and more 

Volkswagen supplies an 82 kWh battery for the ID.4 that can provide ample juice for this vehicle to travel 250 miles without a hitch before it needs charging again. This is quite similar to the range provided by its rivals in this electric car segment. With a 240 or 110 volt connection, people can charge it at home, and has the capability of fast charging through DC points. If you are looking for details about this vehicle’s charging and battery aspect, then when visiting Rancho Cucamonga VW dealer, talk to professionals who are there to help. 

Available models 

The ID.4 is available in three different trims Pro, 1st Edition, and Pro S that is priced at $41,190, $45,190, and $45,690. People looking to book this vehicle should opt for at 1st Edition; however, Pro S would be the ultimate choice for people looking to get the best out of this electric vehicle. Even people who have ordered till now over 90% of them have chosen to go with the Pros S trim. 


Playful and uncluttered is how one can describe the interior of this vehicle. However, it offers all the classic Volkswagen interior styling that makes it quite fetching among the people. Cloth seats are a standard option but people can opt for leather upholstery, power-adjustable seats, and more. 

Also, a 10-inch infotainment display is equipped inside that one can upgrade to a 12-inch one with a select package. Navigation is offered as a standard feature along with smartphone connectivity and more. 

So, if anyone is looking to get an electric vehicle but doesn’t want to spend hugely, should check this vehicle out. It is one of the best electric vehicles that people can get their hands on. So, why wait? Try to book one today!

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