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Things you never knew about vaping

Smoking is not nearly as fashionable as it was twenty or thirty years ago. It is still a popular habit and there are many people who do it, but the reality is that now people tend to get into smoking because of the taste and the enjoyment aspects rather than the cool factor that would have attracted them years ago. In fact, now days it isn’t considered cool to smoke at all. Almost inevitably the trends of what is considered cool change. There was a time when pipes were all the rage. Cigars enjoyed a high profile for a while and then it was the turn of cigarettes. Now of course it is electronic cigarettes and vapes that are coming into vogue. If this is something new to you, here are some things you might not have known about these replacements to the old-fashioned cigarette.

A product of their time

Vapes are a real product of their time. Rising up in popularity at a time when the health warnings on cigarette packets really are starting to take effect, vapes are deemed significantly more healthy than their ‘cancer stick’ forerunners. Similarly, in appearing as a product of their time, as the digital age has taken over and the ability to buy products over the internet has become ubiquitous, so it has become very popular to buy vape online. This is something that you would never do when buying cigarettes. The times have really changed on that front.

Not only for smoking

Vapes or vaporizers are now big deals in the world of smoking, but they are also used in other places as well. Chefs sometimes use the same technology for applying controlled heat to herbs and spices to release their flavours into dishes. These techniques can also be applied to cocktails where lots of up-market cocktail bars will serve expensive drinks that almost appear to be on fire. The smoke in those drinks is meant to add flavour to the combination and it makes for a great drinking experience.

It’s been a long time coming

It might appear as though electronic cigarettes have arrived very suddenly, but the truth is that the first one was patented as early as 1963 by an inventor called Herbert Gilbert. The design and concept behind Gilbert’s 1963 device was very similar to the modern vapes that we see so often, but the fact that cigarettes were still extremely popular at the time meant that his product was never even commercialized. It simply never got off the ground despite the fact that it was free of nicotine and generally regarded to be a healthy alternative.

Are they healthy?

Vapes are generally regarded as being healthier alternatives to cigarettes although the truth is that the jury is still out on this. Not many studies have been done on the benefits or downsides of vaping or the effects of their second-hand smoke. In general, however they are still considered unhealthy, although within the world of smoking they are certainly at the healthier end.

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