The Ultimate Cure for Hangovers


After a night of partying and drinking the last thing one would like to deal with are hangovers which are often a result of taking one too many. Since time immemorial, man has always sought for a suitable way to reduce the impacts of the aftermath of alcohol in the body. The truth is the dreaded hangover is never that simple to cure and no matter how many do it yourself techniques are implemented, they always fall short. A reality that everyone knows is that prevention is better than cure, and there is never a better time to remind yourself that drinking alcohol should have strict limits.

Unfortunately, this is not the time to start worrying on how many drinks you should actually take to avoid feeling like your head is cracking up. A technique that many people have for years always resorted to is having a drink immediately they notice signs and symptoms of a hangover. This is known as the hair of the dog, and many people go for it given the illusion of its feel-good effects. It is largely a cover-up of the hangover as the drink does to your chemical receptors precisely what you were doing the night before. By triggering the brain to increase pleasure sensations, the effects of hangovers are reduced but only for a short while.

The problem with the hair of the dog

The reality is that there are more complications to hangovers than headaches which are a common symptom for most individuals. In taking another bottle of alcohol, to avoid having severe headaches you could be in turn triggering other aspects of hangovers which are hidden. This includes among others increasing the stress causing factors in the body leading to high blood pressure and an increased heart rate. Since you would not like the feel-good impact to stop there is also the likelihood of overconsumption which could result in more complicated symptoms.

Another problem with having an alcoholic drink as a solution to hangovers is that ultimately you will have to deal with double the issues at hand. For anyone who has ever experienced a full range of hangover effects, just the thought of having twice as many problems to deal with is enough to make them resist that drink and look for other alternatives. On the negative, it is also not a viable option for someone with nausea, upset stomach, vomiting, and extreme fatigue.

Long-lasting solution

A proven solution to having relief in the shortest period is IVs in the Keys which primarily involves injecting a hydrating saline solution and vitamins directly to the bloodstream. Hangovers simply reflect an excess percentage of alcohol in the body than it can contain which leads to dehydration. These changes are what trigger a body reaction which leads to migraines, increased irritability, stomach illness, and tiredness among other symptoms. Since it is impossible to immediately replenish all the required fluids through the direct intake, IV infusions come to the rescue. The direct transmission is 100% effective and takes only a couple of minutes to be complete with the impacts being felt in the shortest period allowing you to get on your feet again.

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