The significance of vaginal douching


Douching in pregnancy means that you clean the vagina with a consortium of fluids so as to remove pungent smell or odours. Normally with water vinegar is used and pre-packaged versions of iodine or baking soda is also available.

As per survey reports nearly one out of five women in the age group of 15 to 44 years douche regularly. The survey also states that is more common among the African women. What is more alarming is that teenagers are picking up the habit. Douching during pregnancy or any phase is a strict no. The reason being a host of side effects in the form of irritation and burning with a host of complications can emerge. These complications are going to compound any issue that you are going to cover up like usual smell.

The procedure

In order to undertake a vaginal douche, you place water along with other components in a bottle or it could be a bag. This is then sprayed upwards towards the vagina. These fluids are going to wash off the vagina. The common reasons why women are known to douche include

  • They are going to wash away the menstrual blood after a period or even the semen after sex
  • Removal of unpleasant odour
  • Reducing the chances of sexually transmitted infections
  • Preventing chances of pregnancy

But the sad part is that douching is not going to accomplish any of these things

Would you rate it to be safe?

Most medical experts are of the view that women be it pregnant or not needs to stay away from douching products. The vagina is designed in such a manner that it retains a PH balance. With vaginal flora or bacteria it is incorporated so as to reduce the chances of any infections or irritations.

If you tamper with the healthy bacteria in your vagina it could lead to problem based situations. This could cause irritations, infections and a host of other problematic issues.

The risks

If you stick to douche you are going to destroy the natural balance of your vagina. The chances are that some complications could emerge which might be severe in stature. They are

Pregnancy problems

Women who are known to douche a lot could face miscarriage, early child birth along with a host of other complications. If you douche it can lead to ectopic pregnancy and women who are douching would find it very difficult in order to become pregnant.


If a healthy balance of bacteria exists in your vagina it prevents the yeast from overgrowing. If you eliminate the natural balance it could let the yeasts flourish. This may lead to a yeast infection.

Suppose a woman who douches is likely to face the chances of bacterial vaginosis by 5 times in comparison to a woman who does not douche. Some women are of the opinion that if you douche it will help them to get rid of the infection. But what they forget to realize is that the infection becomes worse.

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