The Role of Application Visibility and Control in an Organization


Since every employee in an organization needs to run numerous applications such as Skype, YouTube and all other applications at a time to handle all the tasks, therefore there are chances that such applications may slow down the network. Therefore, there is a need to inspect who is accessing the network and which applications are being accessed. Gaining visibility into the applications being used can also be useful for maintaining the quality experience for the customer. Applications running on the network are no doubt responsible for determining the quality of the network. The technology that determines what applications are executing in the network and which users are running those applications, is known as Application visibility and control.

With the help of the technology of Application Controls, all the unauthorized applications that can either be risky for the organization or can out data at the risk, are restricted or blocked on the systems of an organization. Although the control functions of the application may vary according to the specific application, but the main aim of using this technology is to make sure that the security and privacy of the data are maintained while running any application.

Advantages you can avail with Application Visibility and Controls:

  1. The technology helps to enhance the network quality as the applications that are running inside the network can be identified with the help of this technology and hence, improving the quality of the network.
  2. Since it can be known that which employee is using what application, then it can be possible to enhance the productivity of employee by blocking the unauthorized application used by the employee.
  3. This technology makes it possible to examine and prioritize the capacity of bandwidth so that quality and performance of network remains maintained.
  4. It helps to put a restriction on the unauthorized applications and to allow only the authorized applications to run in the network.

Keeping track of all the applications running in the network not only enhances the quality of a system or network, but it is also responsible for maintaining the productivity of the overall organization. Nowadays, the trend of using BYOD (Bring your own device) technology is also gaining a lot of popularity in which every employee brings their own devices for managing the tasks of an organization. There are more chances of occurrence of threats because of the BYOD technology, but if there is an insight into the applications used by an employee of the organization whether he/she uses the device of organization or own device, then there are fewer chances of occurrence of threats and viruses. So, having an insight into the applications is known as Application Controls.

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