The Practice of Caring for Their Teeth at a Young Age


Learning to properly care for our teeth is a vital part of being healthy. Our teeth can affect everything from our heart health to our ability to eat foods comfortably and without pain. This is why proper oral hygiene should be taught at a very young age. If children can start the practice of caring for their teeth at a young age, they stand a greater chance of maintaining healthy teeth well into adulthood.

When to Start

When our children are babies we are taught to begin the process of caring for their teeth even when they only have a few teeth in their mouth. It is this practice that helps young children learn the importance of properly caring for their teeth. When youngsters are able to brush for themselves, parents should allow them to, but remain in close proximity to help if needed. Children should begin the process of caring for their own teeth at least by age six.

What to Do

Teeth should be brushed upon waking and before going to bed at night. Other than waking and sleeping, teeth should be brushed after every meal. Teeth should be brushed long enough to dislodge food particles and tartar from the teeth. After brushing your teeth, they should be thoroughly rinsed. The toothpaste you use should always be fluoride based as a preventative step to discourage cavities. Simple brushing habits are not difficult to teach. You are not teaching how to be a notary New York city. Basic oral health is not difficult to learn and practice.

The Dental Visit

Aside from brushing and taking care of your teeth, you should see a dentist at least once or twice a year. Seeing a dentist will help to prevent cavities and also catch any conditions that would have otherwise gone unnoticed had you not had a dental visit. A dentist has been trained to help with and determine the health of your teeth. As a result, a First Impression Dentistry can help treat any dental problems they discover and act as a source of information for the dental patient.

Teaching your children to properly care for their teeth is a necessity. Your teeth are supposed to carry you through youth and elderhood and the only way that’s possible is through consistent proper care and visits to the dentists at least once or twice a year. Maintaining a consistent schedule of brushing your teeth upon rising, before going to bed, and after meals can go a long way in terms of avoiding cavities and other oral health problems.

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