The Power of Bible Stories


For a Christian family, the most important task they have is to raise godly children. These are children that respect and honour biblical traditions while also seeking to live Christian lives. Training a child up in the way he or she should go is a lifelong task that requires teaching them about the different elements of Christianity. The Bible is a very long book that is confusing in many ways, even for adults. That’s why there are seminary practices that require years of study before you are considered proficient in your biblical knowledge. So if adults have a hard time understanding many of the lessons and entire university degrees are devoted to it, how can you expect to teach it to children?

Bible Stories

The Bible can be complex, especially in its context. When you are dealing with biblical stories, it can be very difficult to place them in history and to approach their import. For example, the story of Jesus being betrayed by Judas and crucified is a story that is absolutely essential to the understanding of Christianity. However, it can be difficult even for devout Christians to understand the context of the story. They do not understand why Jesus was crucified and what it means; crucifixion was a death penalty for common criminals. In Ancient Rome, more significant crimes had different death penalties.

That’s just one example of the kind of context that yields a deeper understanding of Christianity. The way to develop that context is to start early. You should begin with Christian books for children. Such books will tell Bible stories and build a lifelong foundation in Christian theology. The stories are perfect since they relate to a child’s understanding.

A Child’s Understanding

Children are exposed to the world through stories. They learn concepts in school through stories, they watch cartoons, and read colourful books that feature stories. It makes it much easier for them to link cause and effect and to understand the progression of events. Fortunately, the Bible is full of many stories that are perfect for adapting to a child’s understanding.

The Old Testament is rich with stories that have fascinated children for thousands of years. There are some New Testament stories as well that are very engaging for children, but the Old Testament is usually where the stories begin. Old Testament stories are so rich, for it was written as a history of the Hebrew people. It is full of stories designed to fascinate.

You can build a solid foundation of biblical learning with Old Testament stories. Since Christianity and the New Testament are designed as the fulfilment of the law laid out in the Old Testament, it’s great for children to begin with Old Testament stories.

When you are trying to raise a child in the Christian tradition, you should begin by teaching them biblical stories. Teaching them biblical stories will give them the information they need to begin understanding the context and the progression from Hebrews to modern Christianity. Understanding is the beginning of living a godly life.

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