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The Electrifying Journey of Prophet TB Joshua

From dropping-out of his secondary school due to extreme financial crunch to engaging him in a local poultry farm to earn bread from his family members, or teaching deprived children in his community to washing legs of people on the streets of Lagos, are all experienced by TB Joshua, today the Overseer of SCOAN, the Synagogue Church of All Nations. He says to his followers that the journey of life can be challenging and that should be accepted with spirit.

According to him that, joy and woe are united, – deep dark night is the preface of morning light. And his story is rather electrifying. While undergoing the intense forty days long fasting, he received the divine call from the God’s house and he was instructed to begin holy ministry merely with eight disciples. As of today, he is devotedly involved in international ministry and the mentor of SCOAN, a globally recognized Jesus loving community.

The distinguished pastor believes that apart from all other qualities, staying power or endurance is most important that turn pastor into a prophet. Before assigning him to job as a messenger of God, he is testified thoroughly by the divine Father. He believes that a spiritualist and seer should have a number of qualities to become people loving and successful in this job. Three major qualities of them are:


For an intercessor, devotion or dedication is a must have characteristic that make him committed to God; to Jesus Christ to his task of intercession. If the prophet is committed to his job, dedicated to his assignments, then only he can make his followers devoted.


It is said in the different Scriptures that while accepting the call of God, people should make sure to put best efforts and integrity in his holy activities. He should abide by all rules and regulations of Worship session, procedure of Assembly and at the time of praying to God.

Neutrality and Compassion and Concern

All these attributes are extremely challenging. A prophet should demonstrate all these features and that should be in balance. A non-aligned identity is significant because you are expected to provide judgment on different matters relating to the common problems or people, society and your followers. Without having deep concern on the issues, it is not possible for him to perform his huge duties. He must be compassionate to every creature surrounding him.

Prophet TB Joshua is the originator and developer of the philanthropic establishment SCOAN, globally known as The Synagogue Church of All Nations. The community begun its journey only with a few members, however, all through his divine anointing from God, he received overwhelming responsible from people worldwide.

As per estimation more than 15000, followers now attend its weekly services. People, who come outside of Nigeria, are provided accommodation in the huge building block adjacent to church. Being the lead of the esteemed church community, he appeals individuals from all over the globe to come and stay at their church premises and experience the heavenly companionship of Jesus Christ.


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