The Different Types Of Keys Your Locksmith Deals With


There are different types of automotive keys. You may have thought that the ignition key is the only one, but just ask a qualified locksmith and he or she will tell you that is not the truth. There are many different keys in the world of cars. Here are some of the categories and a little about them:

The traditional key. Everyone with a car has this one. It is the key you use to get in and out of your vehicle and start the ignition. It usually is a sturdy die-cut piece of metal exclusive to your car. It’s a cost-effective item that older to newer cars are equipped with. What people like about it is its ease of use and handiness. Just throw it on a key ring and you’re good to go.

The master key. This is an item that was used a lot a few decades ago. The master key was supposed to be used to make copies or make a replacement key for a vehicle. It wasn’t made to put on a key ring and carry around. The cost of these keys was usually a few hundreds of dollars to replace. The problem with them is that if they were needed, it was sometimes necessary to replace the entire engine system, which could cost thousands. Due to their inconvenience and high-cost they were built out of the market.

The switchblade key. This is the key system that folds into a compartment on your key ring. What people like about them is that they are so compact. The cost to replace the item is a few hundred dollars though so some people aren’t keen on them. Still- if your car comes with them they can be convenient. Replacement costs around $200.

The transponder key. This is the type of key that has been altered thanks to technology. It has a microchip within it that tells the engine it is ok to start. Of course people love the security offers, but still if someone steals your keys, they can start it just as easily as you can. It’s expensive to replace these keys with some dealerships charging $500 or more. A locksmith normally is a much more cost-effective option.

The smart key. This is the latest in key technology. You get a key fob that allows you to turn your vehicle on by pressing a button. As long as you’re within the range of detection, it works fine. Replacing these keys can cost anywhere from $200 up to $400.

The valet key. Some people love this option. It allows people to have a special key only meant for valet. The key doesn’t allow them access to the trunk or glove box. All it does is start the vehicle and open the doors. These aren’t as popular anymore, but still come with older vehicles.

The next time you need a locksmith, know that they manage a wide range of keys. Ask them if you can get the one that is right for you. It can make your life that much easier!

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