The Big Hurdles When Launching Your Home Health Care Company


Registering and properly launching a home health care company can be a challenge. As an agency that cares for the well-being of people unable to do so for themselves, you may be looking at quite a few hoops to jump through. This is a brief guide to the three big ones: Medicare, Medicaid, and the state(s) in which you do business. Understand that this is merely a starting bit of advice for your business. The process of creating and launching a home health care company is often neither simple nor speedy. An expert’s advice can benefit you and your business immensely.

Table of Contents

Medicare & Medicaid

Most of your clients will likely be Medicare and/or Medicaid recipients. Ensuring you are properly certified as a provider for both types of health insurance can be a tough bit of red tape to navigate. You may need Medicare assistance from a licensing company. Many agencies will need some sort of help in this arena, and consulting experts is a great idea. Learning the ins and outs of what is required for proper certification is necessary to launch a successful home health care company. To provide a good scope of the paperwork your agency is in for, know that the Medicare guide to the certification process is 477 pages long. You’ve probably read novels half that length.

The State

Every state has different specific requirements, applications, and paperwork for it’s home health care agencies to complete and fulfill. Doing your homework on your business’ home state is probably your best starting point. Once the administrative work for the state is out of the way, your business is one step closer to its launch and helping people who need care.

Remember, agencies do exist to aid you in launching your home health care company. Your business is in helping people, not in bureaucracy, and that is not a bad thing. Seek help when needed, just as your business will offer it to those in need.

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