The best Father’s Day gifts for 2017


If you are struggling to find a suitable gift to give to your dad on Father’s Day (Sunday June 18th), then there are a few ideas that any man would love to receive. In addition to these gifts, you should also spend some time with your Father if possible on the big day.

Father’s Day is nearly upon us, so we must remember to show our appreciation for the man that raised us on Sunday the 18th of June. If possible, you should spend time with your father, but buy him a gift as well to show your love is equally important.

Finding a suitable present can be difficult. If you have been searching online and on the high street but are struggling to find anything, then there are a few Father’s Day gifts which any dad is sure to love and appreciate.

Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners have exploded in popularity in recent weeks. These are not toys, but stress-relieving devices which can be very satisfying to use. If your dad gets stressed at work, this could be a fantastic gift that helps him to focus. They are also great fun and have proved to be just as popular with adults as they are with kids.

Board Games

Board games have resurfaced in 2017 and this is largely down to the TV show and film editions that are now available. This includes games like Game of Thrones risk and The Walking Dead monopoly. Board games are an excellent present as they encourage a family to spend time together, which is what any father will really want on Father’s Day this year.


Books are always a thoughtful present, and you will always be able to find one that your dad likes. Whether he is a football fan, car enthusiast, James Bond fan, amateur chef or fiction fan, you should easily be able to find a book which will fascinate him and give him many hours of enjoyment.


Most men start their day with a hot beverage in their favourite mug which makes it an important part of their routine. Find a mug that your dad will love related to his favourite TV show or film (or perhaps just a comedy mug), and he will enjoy drinking out of it every day and think of you whenever he does.

Record Player

If your dad is an avid music fan, then a record player is a superb and very thoughtful gift. Many dads have a vinyl collection that they do not use (as they no longer have a turntable), so this present would allow them to go back through their collection and share their favourite albums with you (as well as add to their collection).

These are just a few ideas for Father’s Day this year, but you will also want to take some time on the day (if possible) to spend some time with your dad and show your appreciation for all that he has done.

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