The Best Cannabis Strains for Treating Social Anxiety Disorder


Social anxiety disorder can often be a debilitating condition that exhibits a profound effect on a sufferer’s life. Sufferers of this disorder often have an overbearing fear of being over scrutinized and judged. It is thought the disorder affects around 15 million American citizens, but this number is rising year on year. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, they say that more needs to be done to help sufferers of Social Anxiety Disorder. One way that can help reduce symptoms is by using certain cannabis strains to reduce feelings of anxiety. But what strains are best?

The most important step that you should take when trying to select a cannabis strain to use for Social Anxiety Disorder is to measure your tolerance and sensitivity to THC. You can do this by experimenting with different strains to find the one that is the best for you. Here are our recommendations.


For cannabis users who have a sensitivity to THC, or are using cannabis for the first time, we would highly recommend a strain that is high in CBD, such as the popular hybrid Cannatonic. The ratio of THC to CBD with this strain is often 1:1, so there will not be a powerful psychoactive effect characterized by a sustained high. But, there is an effect to blunt the sharp anxiety a Social Anxiety Disorder sufferer suffers from. Cannatonic is a strain that can increase levels of Terpene Myrcene, which helps the strain to exhibit relaxing properties.

Girl Scout Cookies

This strain with the rather cool name of “Girl Scout Cookies” has been an excellent addition to the cannabis space. It has won many Cannabis Cup awards, which has certainly boosted its popularity and reputation. This strain has a lot of THC, so we would only recommend that you use this strain after you have built up some tolerance to THC. Girl Scout Cookies is a strain that is popular with sufferers of PTSD, as research has found that sufferers of PTSD have a deficiency in THC, which this strain can replace.

Strawberry Cough

A sufferer wants to choose a strain that maintains alertness, but also a strain that at the same time doesn’t overly stimulate your mind to set it off racing. Strawberry Cough is a Sativa, but it can give a user a fine balance between energizing the mind and calming it. Users have found that this strain makes them more relaxed and reduces feelings of paranoia.

For more recommendations on what strain to choose, discuss your own personal needs with your local dispensary. You can identify your nearest dispensary by using the dispensaries near me tool on

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