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The benefits of mini excavator hire over bobcat rentals

As the construction sites are getting smaller and the demand for the mini-excavator and bobcat rentals is on the rise, the contractor is confused among the two highly innovative compact equipment. Both have their pros and cons but mini excavators have gained popularity among contractor’s community due to its superior maneuverability and smaller footprint.

So, if you’re also confused between hiring a mini excavator or bobcat rentals; here’s a brief guide to help you with your decision.

Home renovation or improvements are fun and exciting projects but similar residential projects do require expertise and workforce. So, if you’re thinking about going for such repair, maintenance and other general services projects without hiring a mini excavator then think again.

Contractors are always looking to reduce operation costs and is rightly so, because a fair amount of money is spent on equipment hire and rentals. In such a scenario, the versatility of equipment is a crucial aspect.

If we talk about mini-excavator, it can be attached with numerous attachments that allow you to use the same machine for diverse nature of jobs. The powerful engine of a mini excavator is handy in such operations as the bobcat can deliver the on-site maneuverability but in terms of on-the-site power; mini excavator has an edge.

With the long-reach boom of a mini excavator it is suitable for major digging jobs or heavy lifting compared with a bobcat that is fitted with a bucket and has a limited reach. With the wide range of attachments, the mini-excavator will allow you to replace manual hand labour and that in turn will speed up your delivery process.

Bobcat is mostly used in residential or small-scale projects while the excavator hire can be used in all such projects including small to medium-sized projects. It allows you to dig holes or trenches while grading or leveling over a small or medium sized area. It can load or unload materials without a problem and can be a fun to operate especially during transporting materials around the area.

If you’re working for a sensitive excavation project, here is your take. A bobcat plows in a down-up motion whereas a mini-excavator does the opposite and so this allows more accurate pick up of dirt per dig. So, a mini-excavator has a reasonable edge over the bobcat. In order for the bobcat to undertake digging operation you may require hiring attachments that’s an added cost.

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The Bottom Line

It is without a doubt that both bobcat and mini-excavators are two of the most widely used compact equipment for construction and infrastructure projects. Both machines offer deliverability, maneuverability, and versatility but it is very crucial to access your project and on-site requirements carefully before making a jump. So, if you’re still confused among the two, visit this link and we’ll guide you about the best available for your project.

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