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The Benefit of Business Insurance

Business Insurance

You worked hard to open your business and make it successful. You want to protect it and your employees from whatever calamity might strike and shut your doors leaving them without jobs. Insuring your business will give you peace of mind as it takes care of your company. Here are a few policies you will want to consider.

Professional Liability

In the case you might get sued by a person outside the business for something that you or an employee did against them, Commercial insurance in Peoria az can pay for your legal fees and the settlement. The policy handles cases when an employee might give the wrong care to a client or when an employee feels their civil rights have been violated.

Workers Compensation

If your employee gets hurt on the job, your workers compensation policy will take care of any doctor, hospital and therapy bills they are sent. It will also pay for their time off from work if they are under doctor’s orders to stay home.

Property Insurance

Property insurance will protect all of the things in your company in the event there is damage due to the structure caused by fire, flooding and other uncontrollable elements. If something like this should occur, the policy will give you money to replace the items that were destroyed so you can get up and running again.

Vehicle Insurance

If your company utilized some type of vehicles to do your work, you will want to add vehicle insurance to your policy. Much like your personal car insurance, it covers the vehicles in your fleet in the occasion that you or your employees are involved in an accident while on the job and are at fault. It also covers your employees if the drive their own vehicles to complete tasks for the company.

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