The Ancient Myth Of Medusa: How Did The Story Go?


There are many characters in the ancient Greek legends that have always been a matter of curiosity for many people. Out of these, the famous character of one out of the three sisters mentioned in the Theogony of Hesiod also steals the attention of most people. Known as Medusa, she is supposed to be mortal out of her other siblings. Let us try to recall the history of this mythological character and have an insight into her birth and ultimate demise. Keep reading.


In correspondence with the earliest texts, this legendary character was born as a result of the union of Phorcys and Ceto. All the three sisters were popularly referred to as the Gorgons. She lived close to the Hesperides away from Oceanus to the most extreme corner of this plant towards the.

Beauty And Popularity

The mythological lady was very much popular owing to her unmatched beauty. She was originally a very charming and lovely maiden. Owing to her beauty, she attracted Poseidon towards her. He eagerly wished to get her. In an agony, he progressed to ruin her in the shrine of Athena. Upon coming to know about the ruining of this beautiful maiden in her shrine by the sea god, she wanted revenge. For this, she converted the hairs of this lovely lady into snakes. Following this transformation, the snake-headed lady was cursed that anybody who stared at her will immediately be transformed into a stone.

The Fiction Of Perseus

In the mythological description of this beautiful maiden that later become a snake-headed lady, the mention of Perseus is but indispensable. Perseus was born as a union of Danae and Zeus. He came to Danae in the form of a golden spring. As per prophecy, the King of Argos and the father of Danae who was known as Acrisius he would be killed by his grandson i.e. Perseus. Owing to the same reason, Acrisius locked his daughter away in a chamber made from bronze. However, Zeus managed to impregnate her by transforming himself into a shower of gold. Later, Arcisius threw his daughter and grandson in a wooden chest into the sea. Dictys rescued both of them on the island of Seriphos and brought up the little baby boy. Polydectes, the king and brother of Dictys later sent him on a serious mission.

Battle Of Perseus And The Maiden

Based on some ancient tales, Perseus was successful in locating the Gorgon’s cave due to divine gifts he had received from various Gods. With the help of a reflective bronze shield bestowed upon him by Athena, he was able to cut off the head of the maiden while she was in deep sleep.

This was all about the fascinating mythological description of this snake-headed lady.

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